What is Active Junky?

Active Junky is an outdoor gear, outdoor lifestyle, adventure sports and adventure travel search engine dedicated to providing the widest selection of quality outdoor products at the cheapest prices. Our innovative price comparison system allows you to shop at over 100 different online retailers at once, and find the lowest prices on the best gear among them. Oh yeah and when you buy gear through our site, we give you cash back. Pretty sweet huh?

Why do I need to be an Active Junky Member?

You gotta be an Active Junky member so that you can get involved in our user reviews and post comments about the new gear you've purchases. You've also gotta sign up so that we can keep track of your purchases and give you cash back and rewards for everything you buy through our site.

Will I get junk email from Active Junky?

No. We are junkies, not junkards. We will only shoot you emails with the most pertinent information regarding your recent orders and newest deals on the site.

How Do I get started?

Click sign up here, or sign in on the top left corner of any Active Junky page.

What is Active Junky's User Agreement?

The Active Junky User Agreement is all the sweet legal jargon we use to keep our community and your information safe, secure, and happy. We emailed it to you when you signed up, and you can also read it here.

What if I forgot my password?

Dude, you're blowing it. Not to worry, click I Forgot My Password, and we will forgive you. Then type your email address into the empty field and we will shoot you your password.

Can I change my email address or password?

Just log in, click on "my account", and then click on "change my password" or "change my email".

What is The Fix?

Glad you asked. This Fix is our online media community. It's the perfect place to read about upcoming events, read user reviews of all sorts of products, watch videos of our users getting extreme, and contribute your own comments or media to fuel our community of junkies.

What is Active Junky Cash Back?

Active Junky Cash Back is a monetary bonus we pay you for shopping with us! The Active Junky Cash Back program allows you to purchase gear from any of our 100+ retailers and receive a Cash Back bonus from Active Junky. By having relationships with these retailers we are able to hook you up. Just log into the Active Junky site, navigate to your favorite retailer or product of choice, and purchase.

How do I get AJ Cash Back?

You get AJ Cash Back after logging into Active Junky, clicking on a product link or retailer link and making a purchase on one of our affiliate sites. Every 3 months we will deposit your cash back balance into your paypal account or we will send you a check. Up to you!

How long do I have to wait to see money in my cash back account?

You will be able to see your cash back in your AJ account the next business day.

How long until my cash back is available?

Your cash back will be sent out to you through Paypal or mailed check every 90 days.

How is my cash back given to me?

Your Cash Back can be received one of two ways. You can either receive a check in the mail, or a deposit into your paypal account. You can also donate some of your cash to The Nature Conservancy.

How do I make a return or exchange?

When you make purchases through AJ, we aren't the ones sending you gear. We are simply helping you reach the right retailer. Therefore, if you need a return or exchange, please contact that retailer. Check your email for order confirmation and address the retailer directly. Your order confirmation number is only relevant to the retailer that you purchased your order from.

Can I come back to AJ later and still get cash back?

Absolutely. Just make sure that you are logged into AJ. If you log out, close your browser, or switch browsers, you will no longer be logged in and you will need to re-sign in to be eligible for Active Junky Cash Back. Just make sure you click on the product or retailer link and see our transition page telling you "are on your way to cash back!" If you don't see that page, you won't get your cash! Here is an example of what it looks like.

Can I advertise on Active Junky?

Yes you can. Browse our Media Kit for options that may interest you, and if you want to talk with us about it, shoot an email to advertise@activejunky.com.



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