Privacy Policy

Respek! Active Junky respects your privacy and our Privacy Policy is committed to protecting your privacy when you are on our website.

Data Collection

We collect your name and email address. That's it. We strive to give you as many benefits as possible in order to help you maximize your Cash Back through AJ. We collect that information from you so that we can track your purchases and give you Cash Back. We may use the data that is created by stores your visit and purchases you make in order to send you specific deals that would be relevant to you.

Personal Information

Only a select few AJ employees will ever see your personal information. It is only accessed in order to track your purchases and send you Cash Back. In the event that we use contractors or venders to help us in providing services, your information will only be disclosed to them with a confidentiality requirement in place. We reserve the right to disclose your information to protect our rights, comply with state or federal laws, judicial proceedings, or court order. Wow, that sounded serious.

Privacy With Active Junky

AJ will never ask you for your personal information such as username, password, or email address in an unsolicited letter, call, or email. If you contact and AJ customer service representative, any personal information you disclose will only be utilized if necessary to fulfill a request. The information will not be recorded. If you utilize our referral program, we will ask for your friend's name and email address. Your friend will receive an email from us with an invitation to join. We only ask for that information in order to track the referral process and execute that one-time email. Your friend may at any time contact and request that his information be removed from our database.

Privacy with stores and advertisers

AJ may have access to order information including numbers and amounts from affiliate sites, but this information will not be released by AJ. AJ has links on our website to many other sites and their privacy policy is unique to them. Our privacy policy does not apply to any affiliate stores so if they are communicating with you and you would like to cease communication please refer to their sites policy.

Email Policy

AJ sends personal customer service emails as well as promotional emails. You are required to receive emails regarding your personal account, but if you would like to stop receiving promotional emails you may do so clicking "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any email. Please read our Terms and Conditions if you'd like more information about spamming; it is explicitly prohibited.


Cookies are small text files that a website writes onto your computer. They are used by our affiliate sites to recognize you as an AJ member and track your purchases. Cookies also identify you on the AJ site and keep you logged in while browsing. Cookies must be enabled to collect Cash Back rewards. Take a bite off that cookie yo!

Your Choice and Responsibility

We will periodically send you promotional emails regarding especially awesome deals on certain products. You have the choice to stop these communications at any time and can do so at the bottom of any email.

It is your responsibility to update and maintain all account information. Your address entered in your account is the location to which we will send you cash back. AJ is not responsible for Cash Back being sent to incorrect addresses. To update your information, visit your profile page.

We post all changes to this Privacy Agreement here on our site; it is your responsibility to check for updates even though this information might bore you.



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