GSI Outdoors nFORM Crossover Kitchen Kit

GSI Outdoors nFORM Crossover Kitchen Kit

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FRUSTRATION:Home is, normally, where the real cooking happens. Backcountry and even campsite settings promote hot water-centric meal options, in part because of the minimal utensil requirements. Weekend or float trips that allow more weight and longer trips that shout for variety need a few well-chosen items to make the pantry more palatable. Wal-Mart has low prices on inexpensive plastic goods but their suitability for remote use is questionable at best.

FIX: CROSSOVER KITCHEN KIT would make Gordon Ramsey feel as relaxed as he ever could -- short of being tranquilized with elephant darts. testers appreciated the neat semi-circular zip pouch loaded with tongs, spatula, stirring spoon, condiment containers and cleaning items that pivoted, tucked and nested. Of special note was the oversized spoon that can double as a measuring cup with some pre-trip experimentation. Likewise, the two-side scraper was a favorite capable of morphing into a windshield defroster in a pinch. In the case of lost or broken utensils, substitutions are available from GSI.



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