Conquer The Concrete: Ride High For Under $500

Published on 09/30/2014

Commuter and city bikes have experienced radical transformation the past five years.  Importantly, the price for easy riding, reliable shifting and classic styling continues to drop with these four Active Junky picks coming out of InterBike in Las Vegas.

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Chile Worlds Apart: The Atacama In Nature

Published on 09/29/2014

Modern travelers marvel in a region that Darwin would have relished. No camera can do justice to a wild and varied place like the Atacama. Here, Worlds Apart means singular beauty from dawn until the nearly endless Milky Way is unveiled above.

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Know Before It Snows With OpenSnow Forecasts

Published on 09/26/2014

While Active Junky has the gear to get you there, is the weather-reading friend you’ve always wanted. Run by meteorologists who can actually rip and write about science in an informative yet still humorous way, we recommend checking Open Snow more than Facebook this winter.

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Snowflakes: Under The Microscope

Published on 09/25/2014

The destiny of a falling snowflake is beyond its icy grip. It might land on an Olympic skier’s goggles during a medal run, fall on an outstretched tongue or gain a yellow hue underneath a panting Husky’s hind leg.

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Gear That Got It Done: Seven Atacama-Proven Running & Cycling Products

Published on 09/24/2014

You say you want a revolution? Of bike tires, that is. Or is striding across epic landscapes more your passion? Wherever you run or bike, this gear is guaranteed to get it done.

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The Best Places To Catch Early Season Snow

Published on 09/23/2014

Summer is gone. We're not saying "good riddance" by any means, but any bitterness we feel bidding goodbye is trumped by our readiness for winter. Ski and snowboard movies are premiering, our favorite companies are releasing the latest and greatest gear and we're sitting around watching the sky for a sign from Ullr. Keep your eyes on the forecast, especially at these renowned early season shred zones. We'll see you out there soon.

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Chile Worlds Apart: The Atacama On Wheels

Published on 09/22/2014

Far more than an unspoiled environment and hundreds of miles of tracks and trails, the Atacama delivers on all fronts. From breathless climbs to thrilling descents, all levels of riders are welcome. Get a taste of what it means to spin with total freedom in this Worlds Apart place.

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Chile Worlds Apart: The Atacama On Foot Gallery

Published on 09/19/2014


Altitude, heat and aridity make the Atacama Desert a challenge; volcanoes, salt flats and canyons make it worth the trek. Climb slick, rocky summits and kick up desert sand beneath your feet. Look around in awe, skeptical that such a place does indeed exist. You're not dreaming. You're just in the Atacama. 

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Running Late: 10 Of The Best And Most Bizarre Fall Marathons

Published on 09/18/2014

If Goldilocks ran 26.2 instead of strolling through the forest, fall would have been her peak season. Between summer’s swelter and frost underfoot, coming months are “not too hot, not too cold, but just right.” Let falling leaves trigger the start of color-saturated competition; from the Las Vegas Strip to Adirondack backroads, here are 10 on-the-mark marathons.

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Gear That Got It Done: Seven Atacama-Proven Hiking Products

Published on 09/17/2014

Tote hundreds of pounds of gear thousands of miles and you’re ready to decide which pieces deserved the overweight baggage charges. Here they are on the hiking side: seven winners proven after repeated pounding in the driest place on Earth.

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