Active Junky’s Ultimate Backpacking Kit

Published on 04/16/2014

Image Via Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking adventures mean hiking for the majority of your day, so gear that you can stand to sport for an extended period of time is a must. Our dream gear checklist offers up the perfect trio of backpacking kits necessities- durability, style, and superior function.  Our Ultimate Backpacking Kit takes stock of the essentials and brings you gear that can not only stand up to the test of time, but look darn cool doing it. So lace up your boots and strap on that pack- we’re ready for backpacking season, are you?

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Kayaker Narrowly Escapes Floating Over A 60-foot Waterfall

Published on 04/15/2014

This close call will be sure to make you cringe for a few minutes. Dropping waterfalls in kayaks is already an extreme hobby. But when something goes wrong in this environment, it goes really wrong, fast. You will get a POV from one kayaker loosing control in whitewater and almost dropping into the second waterfall without his boat. His partner works fast to toss a rescue rope as the stranded kayaker holds onto a rock face for his life. Hold onto to the person sitting next to you for this stomach dropper. 

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16 Adventure Trip Ideas Right Outside of Colorado

Published on 04/14/2014

Image Via Deviant Wind

Colorado has quite a bit to offer when it comes to rad adventures. But that’s not to say our neighbors to the north, south, east and west are too shabby, either. Check out our top 16 cool trips and adventures to be had just across the border.

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Approved Apparel For Before, During, And After The Adventure

Published on 04/11/2014

Image Via Vacation Idea

There’s a time to climb and an hour to chill. A time to huck and a moment to toast. A time to ride and one to reflect. Here’s how we relax and recharge at Active Junky, gear-wise.

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Three Lights To Illuminate The Trail

Published on 04/10/2014

Active Junky believes in making every day amazing – and not stopping the adrenaline simply when the sun checks out. Taking your adventures into the night will give you a new perspective on your everyday trail or help you organize the tent after sunset. Light it up with these widely divergent options. 

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A Jaybird Motto: "Why Just Exist, When You Can Live"

Published on 04/09/2014

Jaybird, is a company that brings us high quality headphones with a true commitment to live the life they advertise. Everyday you have a choice to complain or create and Jaybird believes in the latter. Here, you will get a glimpse into one person’s choice to take advantage of their day, and hopefully it will inspire you to choose your own way to wake up and take charge. Your time is invaluable so take the first step in putting a little more happiness into every moment. 

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Summer Snow: Skiing The Volcanoes of South America

Published on 04/08/2014

Skiing for many of us is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. We check snow conditions throughout the season, are always trying to find untouched snow, and scout new terrain. If new terrain is what you are looking for, skiing the volcanoes of South America is a good place to start. With everything from family style ski resorts to backcountry tours and cat trips you will find excitement skiing active volcanoes. Want a little more. Try skiing into a mile-wide crater with Alaskan style steeps. 

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Dreaming of Next Year’s Pow: Atomic ‘14/’15 Sneak Preview

Published on 04/08/2014

For pants, the Cliffline 3L pants don’t reinvent your ski pants, but the use of a 3 layer shield+ fabric (a more durable step up from the 2.5 layer fabric on the jacket) was a welcome departure from the typical stiffer Gore and eVent offerings. A smart blend of four-way stretch Pertex Equilibrium at key points helped make this removable bib pant our favorite of the season. It feels like a typical softshell pant, but performed well beyond our expectations while chasing deep powder and storm conditions. Expect to see both the jacket and pants hitting retailers this fall.

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Quick Adds For A Weekend At The Campsite

Published on 04/07/2014

When the parade of amazing new products passes by, a few remain as Active Junky personal favorites.  Without rhyme or reason, here are four favorites for those serious about the outdoor life.

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20 Adventure Camping Trips From LA

Published on 04/04/2014

The weekend trip is one of our favorite types of adventures- especially when your day to day life is spent in a bustling urban landscape. Enough time to get somewhere cool, but short enough to have a sense of urgency about getting the most out of your vacation, sometimes a few days are all you need to recharge your batteries. We know Angelenos are used to a long commute, so we ranked our weekend trips from longest to shortest, depending on how much car time you want to put in. Here are 20 of our favorite reasons to get out of Dodge for the weekend.  

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