Eat And Drink Like A Local In New Zealand Ski Country

Published on 04/24/2014

Image Via Dailymail

Skiing and riding in New Zealand is a feast for the eye with all of the natural splendor that the country possesses. Thanks to a diverse international culinary scene, you can have a more traditional feast as well. Between great beers, traditional Maori cuisine and other local favorites, here are some plates and beverages not to miss on your Kiwi ski adventure.

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Fashion + Function: Dirtbag Dreams

Published on 04/23/2014

As much as I absolutely love running my own company and everything that comes along with it, even the challenges, there are times when I miss the freedom of the open road and the job you can truly leave behind. For the first few years of being an entrepreneur I had a difficult time leaving work at work, and found it sometimes hard to be truly present when away from it.

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Quick Fix: Plant Trees With Zeal Optics For Earth Day

Published on 04/22/2014

Today is Earth Day across the globe.  Over 192 countries will take action today in order to fight for the environment and its protection. Whether you are planting trees, participating in a demonstration, or contacting your elected officials the world community is coming together as one to show the importance of our home, Planet Earth. Zeal Optics will be planting a tree for every pair of sunglasses purchased from April 22-26.  So if you’re in the market now is the time to kill two birds with one stone.

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Top 4 Summer Ski Resorts In The World

Published on 04/22/2014

Image Via affinity rentals

There’s something special about hitting the slopes when all of your friends back home are dealing with mosquitos and heat waves. Summer skiing or riding is a bucket list item for any snow-crazed ripper and with dozens of southern hemisphere resorts and a few closer to home, there are plenty of lift-access options. Check out these four ski resorts when you’re jonesing for pow in the summer.

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30 Images Of Utah's Alluring Landscape

Published on 04/21/2014

Image Via Visit Utah

Utah. Images of desert towers and canyon rivers are some of the first pictures that come to mind. This is the West. Our thoughts draw back in time when we think of the desert and it’s old cowboy feel. The space-like rock formations and incredible natural bridges bring visitors to a place that they have only seen on the covers of National Geographic Magazines. Dive into Utah’s landscape where the stars shine brighter and exploration is a must.  

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Friday Fail: Skimboard Session Gone Wrong

Published on 04/18/2014

Video Via TrendingWire

Everybody has had his or her moment in the spotlight even if it was taking a digger like this guy. For your Friday we have brought you a little laughter to ease you into the weekend. Before you make fun, make sure you give skim boarding a try, it’s actually harder than it looks. 

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Quick Fix: Kelly Slater Calls It Quits With Quicksilver

Published on 04/18/2014

Image Via Surfer Today

After 23 years pro surfer Kelly Slater has chosen to take his own path, without his major sponsor Quicksilver. Taking him under their wing, Quicksilver was Kelly’s first Pro sponsor in 1990 and gave him the opportunity to travel the world in search of perfect waves. As a dominant figure in the surfing community for countless years, all will be watching as Slater takes his next steps with the Kering Group. He will be starting his own company that will focus on bringing his lifestyle and values together as one. It has been a great journey to watch Kelly until now, and I’m sure the next chapter will be just as exciting. 

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Stunning Peaks Of The Andes

Published on 04/17/2014

Image Via Travel Freak

The Andes Mountains, which span 4,300 miles over the western coast of South America, are the photographer and thrill seeker’s dream destination. Formed when the Nazca tectonic plate sub ducted under the South American plate, the Andes are split into several ranges separated by intermediate depressions. These ranges can vary wildly from high desert to lush temperate rainforest to the windswept southern towers of Tierra del Fuego. All that diversity not only makes for some epic sights to behold but also gives us a major case of wanderlust. Check out our gallery of the 15 most breathtaking peaks in the Andes for your daily fix of mountain porn.

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Active Junky’s Ultimate Backpacking Kit

Published on 04/16/2014

Image Via Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking adventures mean hiking for the majority of your day, so gear that you can stand to sport for an extended period of time is a must. Our dream gear checklist offers up the perfect trio of backpacking kits necessities- durability, style, and superior function.  Our Ultimate Backpacking Kit takes stock of the essentials and brings you gear that can not only stand up to the test of time, but look darn cool doing it. So lace up your boots and strap on that pack- we’re ready for backpacking season, are you?

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Kayaker Narrowly Escapes Floating Over A 60-foot Waterfall

Published on 04/15/2014

This close call will be sure to make you cringe for a few minutes. Dropping waterfalls in kayaks is already an extreme hobby. But when something goes wrong in this environment, it goes really wrong, fast. You will get a POV from one kayaker loosing control in whitewater and almost dropping into the second waterfall without his boat. His partner works fast to toss a rescue rope as the stranded kayaker holds onto a rock face for his life. Hold onto to the person sitting next to you for this stomach dropper. 

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