Watch the 2015 Red Bull Double Pipe Finals Here

Published on 03/27/2015

Time to say adios to uniform 22-foot superpipes, as the second annual Red Bull Double Pipe event just went off like a double-barreled shotgun. Building on the successful first event in 2014, the 2015 competition had riders blast off a fifty-foot booter before launching into the now signature Red Bull Double Pipe.

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Indoor Climbing Basics: Your Leg Up On Outside Adventure

Published on 03/26/2015


Outside looking in, rock climbing is a beguiling-but-intimidating venture.  Without a patient friend or professional guide, this parallel universe of techniques, terms, gear and quirky social conventions can be confounding.

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Freeride World Tour Update from Haines, Alaska

Published on 03/25/2015

Winning Run of George Rodney (USA) Swatch... by FreerideWorldTourTV

After 9 slow days of waiting, the weather finally turned and the world’s best freeriders dropped in at the Freeride World Tour’s most anticipated stop: Haines, Alaska. The venue? Well, it’s actually called “The Venue,” a spine-speckled, 3,500-foot face in the Chilkat Range – a zone synonymous with big mountain riding and heliskiing. 

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Freeze, Thaw, Shred: Top 2015 Avalanche Gear

Published on 03/24/2015

Ah, springtime. Time for those steep couloirs we’ve been eyeing to warm up to our affections. Spring temps bring 30+ degree slopes within range yet avalanche danger remains. Active Junky gets you geared for safe BC exploration from March to June (or whenever the snow melts).

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Hiking and Backpacking Pack Buyer’s Guide: Easy-Carrying Options

Published on 03/23/2015

Strolling, striding, scrambling and summiting require different clothing and gear.  Active Junky’s simplified pack buying around three common scenarios: day hiking, overnight packing and distance backpacking. Find yours and zoom in on the pack that’s right for you.

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Wander With Me: South American Dispatch #1

Published on 03/20/2015

It’s a fairy tale, a pipedream. Pack up and move out. Quit your job. Rewrite your future. Take to the road with a map, a customized Landcruiser and a loose itinerary ending somewhere in Argentina. 

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Mile for Mile: Trail Running and Conservation in Patagonia

Published on 03/19/2015

No one knows the trail like a runner. Through pummeling rain and wind, the trail runner pushes forward, one foot in front of the other, intimately familiar with the earth below and the sky above. In Mile by Mile, three renowned ultrarunners, Krissy Moehl, Jeff Browning and Luke Nelson, log 106 miles through the recently opened Patagonia Park – a conservation effort over a decade in the making. These runners don’t do so simply for the impressive athletic feat, but also to raise awareness for non-profit Conservacion Patagonica’s continued commitment to the park.

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Investment-Grade Gear: Time-Travelling Astis Mittens

Published on 03/18/2015

Astis started by trading the present for the past; the exchange of a Swiss Army knife for a pair of beaded Cree mittens.  Their shifting and expanding product line draws from tribal and regional traditions around the world.  To wit, the Naddodd long-wristed model celebrates the Viking founder of Iceland.

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Arc'teryx Backcountry Apparel: Eric Hjorleifson's Top Picks

Published on 03/17/2015

Image via Arc'teryx

When “Hoji” takes his high-velocity turns to the backcountry, he chooses Arc’teryx to shield him from extreme conditions.  Learn about Hjorleifson’s picks to focus more on shredding and less on suffering.

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Marmot Ski Kit Review: Tested in the Tetons

Published on 03/16/2015

Whether you're skiing tight glades in Vermont or lakeside lines in Tahoe, consider modernizing your kit with Marmot’s latest. Active Junky tested this kit in Jackson Hole and left Wyoming impressed – one again – by both the snow-cloaked grandeur of the Tetons and the technical performance of Marmot gear.

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