Chile Worlds Apart: The Atacama On Foot Gallery

Published on 09/19/2014


Altitude, heat and aridity make the Atacama Desert a challenge; volcanoes, salt flats and canyons make it worth the trek. Climb slick, rocky summits and kick up desert sand beneath your feet. Look around in awe, skeptical that such a place does indeed exist. You're not dreaming. You're just in the Atacama. 

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Running Late: 10 Of The Best And Most Bizarre Fall Marathons

Published on 09/18/2014

If Goldilocks ran 26.2 instead of strolling through the forest, fall would have been her peak season. Between summer’s swelter and frost underfoot, coming months are “not too hot, not too cold, but just right.” Let falling leaves trigger the start of color-saturated competition; from the Las Vegas Strip to Adirondack backroads, here are 10 on-the-mark marathons.

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Gear That Got It Done: Seven Atacama-Proven Hiking Products

Published on 09/17/2014

Tote hundreds of pounds of gear thousands of miles and you’re ready to decide which pieces deserved the overweight baggage charges. Here they are on the hiking side: seven winners proven after repeated pounding in the driest place on Earth.

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Chile Worlds Apart: The Atacama On Foot

Published on 09/15/2014

Standing on an ancient dune or running a rocky ridge, the Atacama Desert rewards the intrepid traveler. Unearthly vistas combine with exhilarating day-trips to set this place Worlds Apart;  see why Active Junky had a hard time taking their boots off during a recent trip.

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Born To Ride: Cycling Gear For Fall Spins And Spills

Published on 09/15/2014

Wheelmen everywhere are flipping over their handlebars for a gander at the fall offerings from their favorite companies. Take a sneak peak at the latest in style and safety from Swedish heavyweight POC to blue jean luminary Levi’s. Don’t hit the brakes; now’s your chance to stay ahead of the peloton.

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Puerto Rico: Paradise Without The Passport

Published on 09/12/2014

Image via Nathan Borchelt

If you’re a U.S. resident, there’s no excuse to neglect Puerto Rico. Surrounded by the Caribbean’s glittering waters and nestled between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico is often only a direct flight away. What’s more, this 3,515-square-mile island, an “unincorporated territory” of the United States, requires no passport.

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Under-$20 Wonders: Beanies for Brainiacs

Published on 09/11/2014

Savant-like synapses aren’t requisite when buying something as essential as a beanie.  Still, hat shoppers everywhere are hoodwinked into overpaying. Use your right brain to seek out style while the left hemisphere hunts for value. Look smart in one of these frontal lobe-warming beanies without suffering wallet meltdown.

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26.2 Race Training Tips For First-Time Marathoners: Part 4 - Train Your Mind And Body

Published on 09/10/2014

True masters of the marathon rely on mental strength as much as physical prowess. Like an aspiring monk in cross-trainers, the runner must seek inner tranquility along the 26.2-mile path to enlightenment. Start tuning both mind and body to release anxiety at the start and attain nirvana at the finish.

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How To Fall In Love With Mountain Biking

Published on 09/09/2014

Stepping outside, crisp air hits lungs on the first inhalation. It's a harsh but welcome feeling that not all mountain bikers experience. A puff of mist escapes as you exhale, contributing the faintest of clouds to the forest around you.

Some flock to the raucous sound of cyclocross racing cowbells like children after the piper. Weather forces others onto the road. Those privileged to continue mountain biking in autumn know it as a singular, magical experience.

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26.2 Race Training Tips For First-Time Marathoners: Part 3 - Dress for Success

Published on 09/08/2014

Eliminate race-day trepidation with a head-to-toe kit that inspires confidence and drives performance. When the gun sounds, focus on stride and speed rather than sweating fit or fashion. While perfect shoes don't compensate for ill-conceived training, jettison the jitters by concocting your recipe for race-day success.

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