Google Exec Demolishes Felix Baumgartner's Skydiving Record

Published on 10/24/2014

Video by Atomic Entertainment

You probably remember Felix Baumgartner; the bad-ass, daredevil basejumper who set the skydiving world record back in 2012. The feat was heavily publicized, and millions of eyes have since watched “Fearless Felix” tumble from the edge of space, plastered with RedBull stickers, landing back to earth a hero, the Neil Armstrong of our generation (with just a bit more adrenaline, perhaps). 

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Live It And Give It: Cycling Gifts

Published on 10/24/2014

Cyclists are easy to shop for. There’s always a way to help them ride smoother, safer and in style. Active Junky rode the aisles at recent trade shows to find gifts that’ll shift their gears this holiday season. 

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PeopleForBikes: Commuting In The Year 2025

Published on 10/24/2014

Image via PeopleForBikes

Tim Blumenthal takes to the road to change something. Not his bike tire this time; after tens of thousands of miles on trail and tarmac, he can swap tubes in his sleep.

Blumenthal, the president of on the rise non-profit PeopleForBikes, a man recognized by core mountain bikers and senators alike, is pursuing a fundamental change in the landscape of bike commuting.

Every year, more drivers are trading keys for pedal-powered commutes. Economic and environmental incentives, along with obvious health benefits, make a compelling argument for switching gears. Yet the lack of infrastructure in some cities makes commuting a harrowing experience.

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Halloween Costumes From The Edge: Outdoor Legends And Heroes

Published on 10/23/2014

Halloween is sneaking up, bag of tricks in tow. This mischievous but collegial holiday brings a chance to outdo friends and fellow revelers. With our help, craft one of five costumes paying homage to an explorer, a fictional protagonist or a renowned outdoors figure.

Embellish these costumes with gear to use beyond the occasion. In 2014, transcend the tired realm of sheet-sporting ghosts and hop past hordes of inexplicably risqué, fishnet-wearing rabbits.

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Ski And Snowboard Bags: Chasing Storms In Style

Published on 10/23/2014

Image via Dakine

You can’t bribe the sky; trust us, we’ve tried.

Weather patterns are indifferent both to warm-hearted prayer and cold, hard cash. Sometimes your local mountain is doomed for desert-like dry spells while neighboring states boast double-digit snowfalls.

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The Unexpected At Every Turn: Snowshoeing And Cross-Country Skiing In Yellowstone

Published on 10/22/2014

Sponsored by: 

Eight times the acreage of Grand Teton and triple the territory of Yosemite, Yellowstone rolls out the white carpet at a scale only a satellite flyover can begin to capture.

In winter, Yellowstone’s visitor count drops below 25% of the summertime peak.  Even if a good share of the 4 million Americans who snowshoe showed up, the park’s 3,468 sq. miles would spread them out fast and far. Ditto for the 3 million who take snowy months in stride by cross-country skiing.

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Tricks For Your Treating: Sweet Halloween Alternatives

Published on 10/21/2014

Image via val lawless /

When the doorbell rings, dish out goodies that inspire sweet outdoor dreams. Whether it’s a pillowcase they open wide or a rattling plastic pumpkin replete with handle, here’s our team’s take on what the kids should be goblin – and wearing – this year.

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Bike Commuter Safety: Lights And Locks

Published on 10/20/2014

If whirring spokes precede your morning cup of coffee, we’ve got a lot in common. We’d rather pedal Italian road bikes to work than drive flame-red sports cars, even on autumn days when breath crystallizes and cold knuckles turn white as snow. Make sure you and your bike stay out of harm’s way this fall with a few Active Junky-tested commuting lights and locks.

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Live It And Give It: Commerce With A Conscience

Published on 10/20/2014

Food Containers | Women’s Slip on Shoe | Handlebar Bag

Whether or not you’re taking extraordinary steps to improve this world, doing your part matters to you.  The holiday season is a great chance to lend a hand to people and planet by purchasing responsible products.  Active Junky’s had an eye out for kindred spirits all year long; resulting in this collection of sustainably sourced products.

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The Stoke Is On: A-Basin Opens, Others Following Fast

Published on 10/17/2014

Image via Arapahoe Basin Camara Photography

Time to call on a long-lost friend in the Denver area to catch a ride to nearby Arapahoe Basin.  Once landed, making turns and tracking down the latest Colorado microbrews is your mission.  If work still beckons, take a look at opening dates coming soon to a mountain near you.

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