Year Round Adventure Awaits In Bend, Oregon

Published on 08/28/2014

Based solely on the number of multi-sport options, Bend, Oregon, is positioned to outrank nearly every other outdoor hub in North America.  At the epicenter of this small, central Oregon city sits Pilot Butte.  A quick climb to its 479-foot summit affords stunning views of the sprawling town as the long list of options comes into focus.  Three hundred or more days of sunshine light the way in every direction.

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Women's Under-$50 Base Layers: Mammoth Comfort In A Post Ice-Age World

Published on 08/27/2014

With Wolf Ranges and SubZero freezers, modern humans know how to bring the heat and store their BTUs.  The same goes for staying warm this season in a world of highly-evolved fabric science. Today's base layers turn threads of beasts, plants and man's imagination into breathable warmth, style and comfort of historic proportions.

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26.2 Race Training Tips For First-Time Marathoners: Part 1- Sprint To Safety

Published on 08/26/2014

Anything can happen in 26.2 miles. Sun, rain, cramps, injury - with all the things that you can’t control in a marathon, we wanted to give you a definitive list of the things you can. We’ve compiled 26.2 training tips and gear picks for aspiring marathoners that will keep you pushing hard towards the finish this fall.

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4 Pieces of Evolutionary Yoga Gear

Published on 08/25/2014

Image via Kaya Faulkner

Fortunately, coarse cotton has run its course in the contemporary yoga studio. As the ancient practice of yoga has evolved, so too has the gear we use. Constant innovation in the craft of apparel and accessories has stretched yoga beyond past limits and towards a future of flexibility.

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After Hours: Electric Everyday Style for Man and Beast

Published on 08/21/2014

The right jolt can re-energize even the most depleted wardrobes. Everyday moments like checking your watch, sending a text or walking the dog become full of life with urban accouterments packed with kilowatts of flair. Revamp and revive your style with everyday accessories from Electric and Wolfgang Man & Beast. Transform streetlights into spotlights and sidewalks into runways with these six power products.

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Double Backflips Were A Big Deal Until Last Week

Published on 08/21/2014

Double backflips were a big deal until last week, when Ethen Roberts and Gavin Godfrey blew the collective mind of the biking world. Triple flips are no longer a fantasy. In classic Nitro Circus fashion, these cycling stuntmen pushed each other to progress, resulting in one of the most jaw-dropping, head-shaking edits of the year thus far. You don’t need to be a mountain biker to recognize the sheer athleticism and guts of these riders, as they take tumble after cringe-inducing tumble from two-plus stories up and keep climbing back on their bikes for more. Watch, rewind, and watch again.

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The Best Things Come In Small Packages: 5 Of Our Favorite Travel Games

Published on 08/20/2014

Image via Amazon

Once trip essentials are packed, spice up tedious travel days and campfire cookouts with compact games that deliver big fun. Whether you’re looking for a distraction from drizzle drumming against your rainfly or a game to slide in your carry-on, these worth-the-weight diversions are sure to thrill friends and family on road or trail.
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The Welcome Mat: 6 Styles Of Yoga

Published on 08/19/2014

Now ubiquitous around the globe, the word “yoga” is translated from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit to mean “to yoke,” or “to bind together.” Though different styles of yoga have stemmed from the original, the goal of each derivative remains the same: to connect the mind to the body. Before you step into ashram or studio, wipe your feet on this Active Junky welcome mat to find out what type of yoga best suits your style, not to mention the type of buzz you’ll be feeling after your practice. 

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Take It To The Streams: Four Pieces Of Great Backpacking Gear

Published on 08/18/2014

Image Via Eurekatent

Backpackers relish the chance to shed the burdens of modernity and revert to ancient instincts. Social networks fall by the wayside as chirping birds replace buzzing tech (sorry, orbiting satellites).  Be it weekend overnight or month-long trek: forget about your smartphone and recharge your batteries.  Stroll past five-star hotels to fall asleep under millions of twinkling lights.  Prepare for outdoor odysseys with tested gear picks to move you from mere survival to memory-forging exploration.

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10 Photos That Prove The Atacama Desert Has The Best Stargazing on the Planet.

Published on 08/15/2014

Though the days are full of adventure  from hiking the Valley of the Moon to cycling the through salt flats and floating in salty blue lagoons  an expedition to the Atacama Desert calls for late evenings. When the sun sets, high altitude, dry desert air and clear skies make for an overhead spectacle unparalleled on this planet. Exhaustion becomes excitement as you gaze upon galaxies and pick out constellations you've never before had the chance to see.

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