Christina Lustenberger's Arc'teryx Outerwear

Published on 03/05/2015

Image via Arc'teryx

Peruse Arc’Teryx athlete Christina “Lusti” Lustenberger’s Instagram feed for a sure case of Powder Envy. Scroll further through stunning shots from Chamonix, British Columbia and Japan and realize that Lusti’s no stranger to earning turns.

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Winter Camping: 9 Pieces of Gear

Published on 03/04/2015

Whether enjoying winter from a car, on the trail, or in a snow shelter, your gear should serve a few basic purposes: to keep you dry, warm, and safe.  As always, Active Junky’s your source for all things gear, coming at you with nine recommendations to prep you for the great (white) outdoors.

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Giro Helmet and Goggles: An Exceptional Perspective

Published on 03/03/2015

Santa Cruz helmet company Giro encourages employees to stray from their desks. These cerebellum sentinels innovate while pedaling topnotch singletrack and surfing nearby break Pleasure Point. Senior Apparel Designer Karany Nhim says it best; “I design outside and in the saddle, not at my desk.”

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Ski Industry Leader Interview: Chris McCullough, K2 Outdoor

Published on 03/02/2015

Chris McCullough, Global Brands Manager for K2 Outdoor (including Madshus Skis), took Active Junky’s questions in stride as we pursued Nordic’s rise around the world.  See what’s happening and spot your chance to breathe new life into winter and spring routines; don’t forget to review his favorite gear, too.

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Arbor Shreddy Krueger Snowboard Review: It Rides like a Dream

Published on 02/28/2015

“Shreddy Krueger” is not only the most hilarious name in the history of riding; it’s among the most amusing boards out there. From Arbor’s signature wood grain graphics to the playful, powder-pulverizing shape (and a tried-and-true rocker profile), this board is a surfy, responsive blast every time you drop in.

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Top-Rated POW Gloves and Lobster Mitts

Published on 02/27/2015

POW Gloves has been crafting durable gloves and mittens for over a decade, and Active Junky aggressively tested two of their models this season. Both answer the call for deep-winter protection and long-lasting style.

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Faction Drops Next Level Urban Edit

Published on 02/26/2015

Faction’s urban squad bombarded Northern Europe’s streets hard enough to break the rusty, USSR-vintage rails beneath them. Shot in Estonia and Finland, this dispatch highlights creative riding by Tim McChesney, Tom Granier, Daniel Hanka and Etienne Merel. Packed with bizarre urban features, some obstacles look designed while the rest appear impossible; be ready for a crash section that's beyond grisly.

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5 Treks, 10 Days or Less: Asia, Part Four

Published on 02/25/2015

Home to the Earth’s summit, Asia’s the place for high-altitude mountaineers. Yet the continent is filled with striking sights well below 8,000m. From Everest basecamp to the wild lowlands of Hong Kong, Asia’s treks bring big vistas even without employing oxygen tanks. 

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Mid-Winter Wakeskating in Bosnia

Published on 02/24/2015

Bosnia as a wake skating destination? Not likely, yet that didn’t stop Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb from charging through the winter-struck wonderland of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s frigid creeks. This winding river, nicknamed the “Dragon’s Tail,” was the unlikely setting for Grubb’s slashes and shuvits. From carving snow banks to airing over the creek, Grubb’s latest expedition changes the wakeskating game. Active Junky only has one question: at what point does Brian Grubb need to learn how to use an avalanche beacon?

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Mountain Hardwear Minalist Kit

Published on 02/23/2015

When elevated adventure calls, Mountain Hardwear proves indispensable. For skiers undeterred by gnarly weather and steeps, the weight-saving, water-shedding Minalist kit is generations past the bare minimum.

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