Top-Rated POW Gloves and Lobster Mitts

Published on 02/27/2015

POW Gloves has been crafting durable gloves and mittens for over a decade, and Active Junky aggressively tested two of their models this season. Both answer the call for deep-winter protection and long-lasting style.

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Faction Drops Next Level Urban Edit

Published on 02/26/2015

Faction’s urban squad bombarded Northern Europe’s streets hard enough to break the rusty, USSR-vintage rails beneath them. Shot in Estonia and Finland, this dispatch highlights creative riding by Tim McChesney, Tom Granier, Daniel Hanka and Etienne Merel. Packed with bizarre urban features, some obstacles look designed while the rest appear impossible; be ready for a crash section that's beyond grisly.

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5 Treks, 10 Days or Less: Asia, Part Four

Published on 02/25/2015

Home to the Earth’s summit, Asia’s the place for high-altitude mountaineers. Yet the continent is filled with striking sights well below 8,000m. From Everest basecamp to the wild lowlands of Hong Kong, Asia’s treks bring big vistas even without employing oxygen tanks. 

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Mid-Winter Wakeskating in Bosnia

Published on 02/24/2015

Bosnia as a wake skating destination? Not likely, yet that didn’t stop Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb from charging through the winter-struck wonderland of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s frigid creeks. This winding river, nicknamed the “Dragon’s Tail,” was the unlikely setting for Grubb’s slashes and shuvits. From carving snow banks to airing over the creek, Grubb’s latest expedition changes the wakeskating game. Active Junky only has one question: at what point does Brian Grubb need to learn how to use an avalanche beacon?

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Mountain Hardwear Minalist Kit

Published on 02/23/2015

When elevated adventure calls, Mountain Hardwear proves indispensable. For skiers undeterred by gnarly weather and steeps, the weight-saving, water-shedding Minalist kit is generations past the bare minimum.

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Clocking Shots: XSories Action Camera Accessories

Published on 02/22/2015

How far will you go to get the shot? Will you hang off the side of a careening raft, hike that extra ridgeline, or climb 30-ft up an overhanging tree – all for the sake of the angle? If your answer is yes, Xsories is your ally.

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A Beginner's Guide to Winter Camping

Published on 02/21/2015

Ahh, winter.  The perfect excuse to stow your gear, crank up the thermostat, flip on the tube and couch-potato the weeks away.  Right? 


With the right know-how and gear, winter becomes your domain.

No bugs.  No crowds.  Glistening landscapes. Pristine animal tracks.  Not to mention hot libations to cap it all off.

While fair-weather camping mistakes lead to “we’ll laugh about it later,” winter is less forgiving; know where you’re going, what you’re taking, and trust who you’re going with.

Active Junky’s identified three ways to celebrate the season, each with it’s own risks and rewards.

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Holden Outerwear: Style Rooted in the Streets

Published on 02/20/2015

Active Junky’s skiers and riders evaluated a Holden outerwear kit. The Moto Jacket and the Meade Pant held up to Colorado conditions and, more impressively, style requirements of both groups.

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Skiing Stone Staircases in Canada with Chris Logan and Parker White

Published on 02/19/2015

Sled-accessed pillow lines make Canada’s backcountry a dream destination for any air-loving skier. Chris Logan and Parker White solidify “The Great White North” as a shredding fantasy realm with this MTN Revision edit from Rossignol. Chris and Parker, joined by fellow sled neck Duncan Adams, drop heavy lines betwixt snow-capped trees and over white-cloaked stone staircases. Colorful Outerwear, flamboyant tricks and overwhelming cinematographic hijinks are non-existent; this edit is pure BC. Watch now and tonight's dreams will float on big mountain pillows. 

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Buyer's Guide: Best of Men's Jackets

Published on 02/19/2015

"Transition" is more than a must-use term in a basketball commentator’s lexicon.  It separates an exceptional men’s jacket from an average one;  the ability to move between outdoor and urban means true value.  In addition, flowing seamlessly between seasons scores in the “worth the hanger space” column here at Active Junky.

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