Salt Flats to Desert Downhills: 10 Reasons To Mountain Bike in Chile

Published on 07/31/2014

The Atacama Desert is so dry, even the flies keep their distance. Mountain bikers, however, flock to this South American playground. Salt flats and steep volcanoes, desert canyons and archeological sites make this faraway desert a must-ride destination for adventurous two-wheelers.

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Outdoor Eats: Dried Chili Lime Mangos

Published on 07/30/2014

Image Via Arya Roerig

A single bite of this easy-to-make Chili Lime Mango Trail Snack, and you’ll be dreaming of Mexican beaches while you power up the trail. Dried mangos are a hiker’s dream food. They’re sweet, compact and stacked with natural sugars – perfect to propel weary trekkers over the last ridge.  Not to mention, they combine a healthy dose of vitamin C with a refreshing taste of summer.


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Two-Wheeling The Driest Place On Earth: 5 Of The Best Mountain Bike Rides In Atacama, Chile

Published on 07/29/2014

Image Via Wikimedia

Weather Channel's named it the driest place in the world.  Welcome to the Atacama Desert, where your rain gauge only needs to measure 4 inches – every 1,000 years.  Few outside of Chileans and intrepid explorers know it exists, much less have journeyed to this unearthly place.

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Handmade Wood Goods: From Surf To Sound

Published on 07/28/2014

Image Via Grain Surfboards

Call us old-fashioned, but there’s something satisfying about products created by actual humans rather than robots. Our appreciation for workmanship soars even higher when handmade products highlight all-natural materials.  And with all due respect to leather, stone and cloth, wood is not only the most sustainable of these natural resources, but perhaps also the most versatile and stylish.

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High Sierra Hydration Daypacks: No-Boundaries Rejuvenation

Published on 07/25/2014

Image Via High Sierra

Thirst doesn’t differentiate between seasons or sports, nor should your hydration pack.  High Sierra’s Tech Series Hydration Packs are light enough for summer hikes yet burly enough for winter adventures. Stacked with features that scream multisport functionality, these daypacks will have your back anywhere and all year long.

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Pickpockets, Customs, And Fried Chicken: 5 Tips For Traveling In Costa Rica

Published on 07/24/2014

Image Via Drew Zieff

Costa Rica is no stranger to tourists. But for tourists new to Costa Rica, culture shock hits you like the tropical humidity: as soon as you step off the plane. Follow these seemingly strange tips from seasoned Central American explorers to make the most of your next vacation.

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Costa Rica Unconfined: Downward Dogs And Duck Dives

Published on 07/23/2014

Images Via Drew Zieff

Surfing and yoga go hand in hand: both require flexibility, strength, and breath control, both can be a doorway between the physical and the spiritual, and both have a slew of shockingly attractive practitioners. It’s no wonder that those who enjoy one often enjoy the other. From longboard to yoga mat – nowhere is the connection between surfing and yoga more tangible than in the beachside crossroads of Pavones, Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Unconfined: 3 Travel Essentials For Costa Rica, From Beach Breaks To Cloud Forests

Published on 07/22/2014

Image Via Drew Zieff

A country similar in size to the state of West Virginia, Costa Rica’s bevy of adrenaline-inducing attractions is more comparable to that of an entire continent. With the Pacific on one coast, the Caribbean on the other, and rainforest-covered mountains tucked in between, adventures are in store for everyone from solo surf bums to wide-eyed young families. Whether your idea of a successful vacation is careening through canopies on a zipline or sitting on the beach with a good book, Costa Rica’s laidback vibes and stunning vistas set the stage for your dreams to be bested by reality.

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Hand-Made Spotlight: Cycling

Published on 07/21/2014

For the dedicated cyclist, biking is not merely a means of transport or a weekend distraction. It’s a lifestyle, something that stretches from actually enjoying your daily commute (even in the rain) to decorating your walls with bike-inspired art—even art made from bike tires. This love for two wheels can be witnessed in the modest stream of hand-made products that speak to core enthusiasts, who want the things they use to come from people who feel just as enthusiastic about cycling as they do.

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Costa Rica Unconfined: A Traveler’s Roadmap To Paradise

Published on 07/18/2014

Though parts of Costa Rica have been overrun by tourism in the last decade, Pavones maintains off-the-beaten-track simplicity. The small surf town is situated just north of the Panamanian border, at a spectacular junction of verdant mountains and curving Pacific coastline. Accessible by dirt roads, Pavones is only enjoyed by travelers willing to make the trek. An eclectic flow of surf bums, ex-pats, and soul-searching pilgrims attest to the singular nature of Pavones, while making the town the bizarre crossroads that it is.

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