The Best Women’s Skis for 2014

Published on 10/03/2013

by Arya Roerig

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    The snow may not be flying everywhere just yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t stake our claim to the best new women’s skis for the 203/2014 season. Active Junky tracked down the best new offerings in women’s powder, park, back country and all-mountain skis to take you wherever you want to go during the winter of 2014.

  • Armada VJJ (Powder)

    Yeah, it’s called the va-jay-jay. But what the name lacks in seriousness this ski makes up for with some of the best versatility and powder performance for women skis.  Sidewall construction and traditional camber underfoot enhance edge control on hard pack letting you sail through trees in packed snow. Armada's EST FreerideRocker combines rocker in the tip and tail with a low swing weight to make the VJJ a one-ski quiver for 2014.

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  • Rossignol Star 7 (Powder)

    Rossignol’s new women’s series combines freeride, freestyle and backcountry, and features a light paulownia wood core perfect for powder. An air-filled honeycomb pattern at both ends of the core reduces the swing weight.  Perfect for the expert skill set, you can surf the slopes to your heart’s content on one of the best women’s powder skis for 2014.

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  • Nordica Wild Belle (All-Mountain)

    Made for the experienced woman who plans to take on everything in 2014, Nordic’s Wild Belle features a light-weight wood core with foam stingers and a fiberglass-reinforced laminate construction. Wide enough to float in powder, the Wild Belle is a match for the women looking to also take on turns in the groomers with ease.

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  • Blizzard 8.0 Viva (All-Mountain)

    Floaty in powder but quick enough on its edges to charge groomers, the Flipcore Sandwich Compound Sidewall Construction has wood and carbon layers that are lightweight, but still provide control and rebound on every turn. One of the best skis for the advanced women looking for an all-mountain ski in 2014.

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  • Nordica La Nina (Powder)

    The weather event may not be in full swing this year, but 2014 will see La Nina storming the powder with a vengeance. The sister to Nordica's Patron, the new La Niña has received high marks from testers in stability and flotation. With a women's specific core built into the Patron chassis, La Nina is well-balanced for all conditions.

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  • Fischer Koa (All-Mountain)

    Fischer's freeride powder twin tip returns for 2014 with new graphics and new tip geometry. Designed for off-piste adventures, the Koa has a long rockered tip and tail for float and quick release out of turns.  One of the best all-mountain women’s skis for ripping off-piste in 2014.

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  • Dynastar Charm (All-Mountain)

    Dynastar has designed  their new women’s Charm line for 2014 with lightweight cores, rocker tips and a unique five-point sidecut that allows for advanced maneuverability in all conditions. The series offers a unique blend of float, power and stability in order to blaze new trails on even the gnarliest of days.

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  • G3 Empress 115 (Backcountry)

    One of our best women’s backcountry skis for 2014, the rockered tip and tail and softer flex of this fat ski allows for faster turns in powder and mixed terrain. The Poplar wood core allows for strength without sacrificing lightness.

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  • Atomic Elysian (All-Mountain)

    An all-mountain ripper built with versatility in mind, the Elysian features a slight tip and tail rocker with a normal camber and sidewall construction underfoot. Perfect all day, every day in 2014.

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  • Volkl Kiku (All-Mountain)

    The design of this powder-carving, perennial favorite is updated for 2014 with new graphics. One of the quickest, most versatile women's big mountain skis on the market the Kiku is best for the semi-expert lady riding changing terrains. One of our best for versatility.

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  • Salomon Q-96 Lumen (All-Mountain)

    The Salomon Q-96 Lumen is a women’s  all-mountain freeski that can float off-piste while staying stable in almost all snow conditions. The widest point of the sidecut tapers to prevent hooking in mixed snow and the early rise tail adds stability.

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  • Volkl Gem (Park)

    Those looking to up their park and pipe cred in 2014 need look no further than Volkl’s Gem.  A Sensorwood core and cap construction offers a great pop with the light weight making for easy maneuverability. This is a workhorse park ski that will last all season.

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  • K2 MissConduct (All-Mountain, Park)

    A low swing weight and all-terrain rocker makes the MissConduct a beast in slopestyle and halfpipe. This is an all-mountain park ski that will stick with you everywhere you plan to go in 2014.

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  • HEAD Mya 8 (All-Mountain)

    This well-rounded, all-mountain ski combines a progressive radius and a tip rocker for better edge contact and soft snow performance. A likely star for women looking for on or off-piste shredding in 2014.

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  • K2 SuperGlide (All-Mountain)

    With another tongue-in-cheek name, K2’s women’s front side star returns for 2014 with a new tip rocker, strengthening X-shaped carbon web and a dampening system on top.  A best pick for women’s all-mountain skis in 2014, a combination of Aspen wood underfoot and paulownia in the tip and tail keep the SuperGlide light and playful.

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