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Stunning Peaks Of The Andes

Published on 04/17/2014

by Arya Roerig

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  • Mount Fitz Roy

    At only 11,020 feet, Mount Fitz Roy, located in the Southern Patagonia ice field, may not be as high as the other peaks on our list, but what this mountain lacks in elevation, it more than makes up for with its spectacular panorama. 

  • Artesonraju

    One of the major peaks of the Cordillera Blanca in the Peruvian Andes, this 6,025 meter glaciated summit bears an uncanny resemblance to the mountain depicted in the Paramount Studios logo. While a favorite of climbers, there is no easy route up this peak since it is constantly covered with steep snow and ice.

  • Huayna Potosi

    15 miles due north of La Paz, Bolivia, Huayna Potosi juts 3,640 meters out of the Cordillera Real. One of the favorite climbing routes in the country, the peak offers a regular glacier climb to the east and a huge, difficult 1,000 meter snow and ice face to the west.

  • Aconcagua

    Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres at almost 23,000 feet. Though this Argentinian peak is one of the infamous Seven Summits of the World, in mountaineering circles Aconcagua is technically an easy mountain if approached from its northern vantage.

  • Qullpa Ananta

    Located in the Willkanuta Mountain range of the Andes in Peru, Qullpa Ananta is the second highest mountain in the Cusco Region, and ranks as the 24th highest in Peru.

  • Salcantay

    The highest peak of the Willkapampa Mountain range, Salcantay is located in the Cusco Region, about 40 miles northwest of the city of Cusco. It is the 38th highest peak in the Andes and the twelfth highest in Peru. However, since the summit is located in deeply incised terrain, it is the second most topographically prominent point in the country, after Huascarán.

  • Siula Grande

    This 20,814 ft. peak in the Waywash range was made infamous via the 1985 ascent by Simon Yates and Joe Simpson. Simpson’s story on the harrowing descent of the mountain’s North Ridge was made into the 2003 movie, Touching the Void, and the tale has caused subsequent climbers to avoid the treacherous ridge.

  • Chopicalqui

    Chopicalqui is located in the Cordillera Blanca (Spanish for "white range") in the Andes of Peru. With a summit altitude of 20,846 ft. above sea level, it is one of the highest peaks of the Cordillera Blanca and lies in the Yungay Province of the Ancash Region between the mountains Huascarán and Yanarahu.

  • Huandoy

    The second-tallest peak of the Cordillera Blanca section of the Andes, after Nevado Huascarán, this snowcapped mountain features four peaks arranged in the form of a fireplace, making for some spectacular views.

  • Yerupaja

    A dangerous and spectacular peak that towers 21,768 ft. over Peru, Yerupaja is the highest point of the Cordillera Huayhuash. The 13th highest point in the Andes, there have been several deaths in recent years on this the unlucky peak.

  • Image Source Photo Credit: Jonathan Andrew

    Nevado Tres Cruces

    This massif of volcanic origin lends its name to Nevado Tres Cruces National Park in Chile. Nevado Tres Cruces rises as three separate summits, all over 6,000 meters, and helps to form the border between Argentina and Chile.

  • Cerro Bonete

    The fourth highest separate mountain in the Americas, Cerro Bonete rises 6,759 meters above sea level north of the province of La Rioja, Argentina. 

  • Huascaran

    The highest point in Peru, Huascaran is located in the Cordillera Blanca range in the Western Andes and is the fourth highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. The mountains two distinct summits peak at 22,205 feet and are composed of Cenozoic era granite.

  • Ojos del Salado

    A massive stratovolcano in the Andes on the Argentina/Chile border, Ojos del Salado is the highest active volcano in the world at 22,615 ft. It is also the second highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres and the highest in Chile. Due to its location near the Atacama Desert, the mountain has very dry conditions with snow usually only remaining on the peak during winter, though heavy storms can cover the surrounding area with a few feet of snow, even in summer.

  • Alpamayo

    This remote, 6,000 meter high ice face has been called the most beautiful mountain in the world, a sentiment we may just agree with. Though extremely popular in recent years, this distinct peak is only accessible via a 2-3 day backcountry trek.

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