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Green River

Rewarding visitors with a combination of rich river history and exceptional bouldering, eastern Utah's Green River sets the stage for accessible adventure. Row the river that continues to make history, wind your way into the primal beauty of Joe's Valley to climb or venture into Black Dragon Canyon on foot. Pictographs from ancient Fremont peoples dot the landscape, one fertile enough to yield sweet delights for the annual September Melon Festival. Mellow and affordable, Green River allows guests to unwind from the first.


Moab Few places provide such ready -- and varied -- outlets for all the adrenaline you can muster. Beyond the acclaimed single-track and slick rock mountain biking that draws riders from around the globe, the Colorado River tempts all categories of paddlers with strong flow rates and singular vistas. Ken's Lake makes base camp a bonus experience as memorable views of the La Sal Mountains and red rock fins surround with startling beauty. Full amenities make launching into the wild convenient even for first-time visitors.


Home to the towering Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey's tree-lined streets provide welcome rest from the rigors of hiking to the day-capping Sunset Point and the humbling scale of Chimney Rock. As the southern Utah sun illuminates a mind-blowing cornucopia of formations, Glen Canyon beckons with cool water and deep shadows found few other places in the United States. Lodging choices keep the traveler content as does a wide range of dining options.


Modern-day time travelers are welcome in a place characterized by ancient landscapes and human history stretching back to the resilient Anasazi peoples. Touring Arch Canyon by ATV or wandering the gargantuan formations of National Bridges allows appreciation of Utah's grand scale on your terms. Nearby Indian Creek sends climbers heavenward with crack climbing worth the trip alone. Small-town hospitality encourages guests to stay, play and be changed forever simply by embracing the moment.


Even beach lovers will forget the ocean's majesty when encountering the expansive Lake Powell in the sands of Lone Rock Beach. Camping among the granular dunes of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park tops the charts for campfire bliss as the night sky stretches well beyond human comprehension. Shooting stars point the way to even greater exploration as rappel-inducing canyoneering in Hog Canyon brings on classic slots no Vegas casino can match.


Dig deep back to your school day language lessons as you encounter fellow travelers drawn to amphitheaters, alcoves and flows forged in Earth's early days found only in Zion National Park. Checkboard Mesa is a must-hike formation close to towering Ataxia with the 250-foot Ashtar multi-pitch route found on nearly every climber's Life List. Springdale itself sets the table for adventurers with cuisine both humble and sublime.

WaypointsPursuing Places of Passion

30 Images Of Utah's Alluring Landscape

Published on 04/21/2014

by Michael Arriola

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  • Bryce Canyon National Park

    Located in Southwestern Utah, Bryce Canyon is well known for its “Hoodoos” (odd-shaped pillars varying in size). These mysterious objects cover the grounds here with trees mixed in for a truly unique landscape. The name "hoodoos" comes from early Geologists who thoughts these rock formations could cast a spell on you. 

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  • Angel Arch

    An arch found in the Needles district of Canyonlands, this is the largest arch in the park, standing at 135 ft. tall. The rock formation in front of this magical archway is called molar rock. Give it a glance and you will see where the name comes from, although you can also see the shape of a heart. 

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  • Antelope Island State Park

    Whether you’re looking for hiking, camping, or mountain biking you will find exciting trails for all activities here. Get a real feel for nature with one of the parks many primitive campsites. Spend an evening under the clear, star-filled sky. This park has the best access to the Great Salt Lake. 

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  • Arches National Park

    It is amazing to think that this park is home to over 2,000 natural arches and that is only the start of unique and surreal rock formations. Take a walk through the park and find balanced boulders and pointed spires along the way. If you're looking for a thrill, climbers can take their pick of towers to ascend. 

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  • Antelope Island State Park

    One of the only good spots to launch a kayak from, Antelope Island will give you great access to the Great Salt Lake. You can rent a kayak in the park and spend a day on the water, making sure to watch for wildlife on shore as you paddle along. 

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  • Arches National Park

    As you cruise the grounds full of arches, you will feel as if you are on another planet. The odd shaped rock formations found in this park are unlike any you will find elsewhere. You might even get a chance to see someone setting up a rope swing from one of the towering arches. 

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  • Canyonlands

    A maze of Buttes formed by the Colorado River, Canyonlands will build a vivid memory to hold onto for a lifetime. The park is split up into 4 parts: The rivers, The Maze, The Needles, and The Island in the Sky. There is plenty of terrain here that will attract everyone in your party. 

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  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

    Head into the beautiful red sands of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, where annual winds can move the formations up to 50 ft. per year. The space between the Moquith and Moccasin Mountains creates a funnel for the wind to channel through, creating movement in these dunes.  

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  • Deer Creek

    Sailors flock to Deer Creek State Park as the winds create optimal conditions for sail boats and windsurfers alike. Once you’re off the boat pitch a tent, watch the stars, and gaze out into the distance for views of Mt. Timpanogos.

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  • La Sal Mountains

    Rising above the southeastern section of Moab, the La Sal Mountains ride the Colorado - Utah border. Many of the peaks in this range creep over the 12,000 ft. elevation mark, giving you a spectacular view from the road and park alike. 

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  • Flaming Gorge

    The Flaming Gorge is located in Northeastern Utah, and is a great place for boating, fishing, camping, and backpacking. Here you are able to experience a collision of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, The Uinta Mountains, and the Ashley National Forest. 

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  • From Summit of Timpanogos

    Timpanogos is the second highest peak in Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range. A location for hikers and climbers alike, high-level mountaineering skills are required when summiting during the winter months. The hike to the top will bring through a mile of elevation gain and about 14 miles round-trip. 

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  • Twelve Mile Canyon

    Twelve Mile Canyon leads you through windy roads, aspens trees, and conifers, eventually leading to Twelve Mile Flat Campground. The Canyon roads climb to over 10,000 ft. and have scenic vistas along the way. Gravel roads give access to cars in the spring, summer, and fall but come winter they become a snowmobiler’s haven. 

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  • Millsite State Park

    With easy access from the roadway you can pop into Millsite State park for the day, year-round, and take advantage of their hiking and fishing opportunities. Mountain bikers will also find themselves wanting to pull off for a few laps on the miles of trails located in the park.

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  • Mirror Lake

    Located in the Uinta Mountains this lake is a very popular among fisherman. After a day on the water enjoy a campfire and the stars at one of the campgrounds. Have you even seen those perfect mountain reflection photos, well bring your camera because this is where you can get the shot.   

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  • Monument Valley Dunes

    Located on a Navajo Tribal Park, this landscape is full of towers up to 1,000 ft., enormous buttes, and fragile rock spires. The dunes here are wind blown and create wonderful patterns across the desert floor. The colors here are true to your imagination when it comes to Utah.

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  • Mt Timpanogos

    A wonderful view of the glowing purple sky as the sunsets behind Mt. Timpanogos. Timpanogos is the second highest peak in Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range. A location for hikers and climbers alike, high-level mountaineering skills are required when summiting during the winter months. The hike to the top will bring through a mile of elevation gain and about 14 miles round-trip. 

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  • Red Castle Peak

    A summit topping out at 12,600 ft. in the Uinta Mountains of Utah, hikers and climbers alike seek out this destination. With long hiking trails and scenic lakes along the way, take some time to spend the night while you’re here. 

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  • Salt Flats

    The Bonneville Salt Flats of Northwestern Utah was once home to the Pieisticene Lake Bonneville. There are 5 major speed events that take place here throughout the year including speed week, which happens in mid-August. Visitors are welcome to drive on the flats during the events. 

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  • San Rafael Swell

    With 2,000 miles of meandering canyons, towering cliffs, and overlooking buttes, this is one of Utah’s best playgrounds. You can have your pick from a variety of activities that can take you into remote locations of the area or right off of 1-70 as it divides the swell into two major parts. 

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  • Snow Canyon

    Jump on horseback to bring you through the park for that real western feel. Explore the campgrounds that are surrounded by ancient lava flows and Navajo sandstone. The glowing landscape holds 7,400 acres for you to explore. 

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  • Delta Snow Goose Festival

    Every spring, thousands of Snow Geese start their 3,000-mile journey home to Canada, and the town of Delta is there to send them off. The town is situated right along their migration route, which enables a viewing each year. 

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  • Stewart Cascades

    On the backside of Mt. Timpanogos rests an iceberg that produces a waterfall with its melting runoff. You can get views from different locations around the falls or take a hike that will bring you up close and personal. Needless to say, a dance under the ice-cold water will leave you shivering.    

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  • Sunset

    Sunsets across Utah’s burnt orange, desert brown, and morning yellow landscape draws colors you will not see elsewhere. No matter where you end up in this state be sure to find your spot, and settle in for a magical transition into the night. 

  • Upper Provo Falls

    During the summer you are able to wade in these cool waters, draining over the falls from snowmelt. Enjoy a hike around the falls, with a fir forest and craggy peaks to entertain your eyes. 

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  • Court of the Patriarchs

    A group of three peaks located in Zion National Park, were named by a Methodist minister during his trip here in 1916. He named them after three figures from the Old Testament: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Here you will get a good introduction into what Zion has to offer in terms of a diverse, and unique landscape. 

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  • The Wasatch

    The Wasatch Mountains start along the border of Utah and Idaho, and trails south through central Utah. Home to some of the most famous ski resorts including Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton you will have your pick at world class skiing. Endless trails for hiking and classic rock climbing routes make these mountains home to many outdoorsman. 

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  • Zion National Park

    Zion National Park is a place not to be missed when traveling to the state of Utah. Known for its great sandstone cliffs and narrow slot canyons. Zion will bring you on hikes that will open your eyes to new terrain, wildlife, and plant species. Make sure you do some planning if you want to get a spot in one of three campgrounds as they usually get full by mid-afternoon. 

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  • Strawberry Reservoir

    If you are looking for a fishing hole in Utah, look no further. Strawberry Reservoir is Utah’s premiere rainbow trout fishing location. Fishing is good year-round and when winter arrives many people access great ice fishing via scenic snowmobile routes. 

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  • American Fork Canyon

    The American Fork Canyon is located in the Wasatch Mountains and is known for the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. This three-cave system is only accessible through guided tours and will bring you through a maze of unique and bizarre cave formations.  

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