Video of the Day: GoPro Hero3 In Action

Published on 10/30/2012

By Tommy Joyce

Backcountry athlete Andrew Whiteford got his hands on one of the new GoPro Hero3's and tested it out on a snowy mountain bike trail. From what we can tell - the new camera looks far less fished-eyed than the old one, and the picture quality is fantastic.

From Andrew Whiteford:

"The lonely (g)narwhal rides again! I was really psyched to try out the new cam. I had time to get a quick ride in on the 23rd and a hot lap around Antelope Flats and Moose-Wilson on the 24th. Looking forward to some worthy adventures!
Notes: Hero 3 Black Edition. Shots mostly at 2k/30fps, 1440p/48fps for the bike shots. ProTune on. I did play around with some of the "Looks" in Cineform prior to going through Final Cut Pro. I'm fairly new"


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