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Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Via ferry or flight

Tofino Map
49.1299° N –125.9200° E

Wickaninnish Inn offers elegant rooms — some of which are pet friendly — along with a spa and one of Tofino’s top restaurants. Discover the full range of Tofinoaccommodations.

Foraging Guide

Alexander McNaughton is a local forager based in Ucluelet who leads foraging tours near Tofino, wandering both forest and seaside.

Restaurant Highlights

The Pointe Restaurant at Wickaninnish Inn features locally sourced ingredients for brunch, lunch and dinner with both gourmet vegetarian and surf-and-turf dishes.


All photography was taken by Keith Ladzinski.

Author's Note

From the Wickaninnish Inn south of Tofino, Vancouver Island, the Active Junky team went on a walking tour in search of edible plants on a coastal trail and the Pacific shore.

Vancouver Island is nestled in the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Coastal areas offer subspecies of cedar and Douglas fir, and lush inland vegetation fills nearly every square inch of terrain with baffling diversity.

A short distance from Tofino proper, we hiked into this wealth of natural beauty. With fall chill in full force, our foraging trek began with the morning dew still lingering on the foliage and thin fingers of sunlight breaking through the branches.


Foraging Philosophy

Only pick what is abundant. Do not strip a site bare. Use a knife instead of pulling or uprooting. Grow it yourself when possible. These four principles underpin the efforts of local foragers to ensure what is taken today doesn’t sacrifice tomorrow.

Foraging is an age-old practice, and modern gatherers continue to perform these rituals with a keen sense of responsibility by gathering native species in season and without jeopardizing sustainability.

Our Guide

Alexander McNaughton, who quickly became a friend, led the small group. He carried a small basket and simple plastic bucket tucked into the crook of his arm to collect the edibles.Alexander McNaughton, who quickly became a friend, led the small group. He carried a small basket and simple plastic bucket tucked into the crook of his arm to collect the edibles.

Well known in the area, McNaughton offers foraging tours and supplies ingredients to local restaurants and specialty markets. For the next few hours, he was a man on a mission as he revealed a few of his favorite delicacies found near the loamy trail and along the rocky coast.

Rainforest Offerings

To get started, McNaughton zeroed in on some of the most readily-available edibles: red berries filled our palms and the bucket with plump tartness as the haul grew.


Farther down the trail, quietly, reverently, McNaughton knelt at the base of a cedar to reveal a chanterelle mushroom from where it was camouflaged by fallen needles and leaves. Inside, the buttery yellow flesh promised to delight.

Once more we rose and began heading toward the Pacific Ocean less than 300 yards away. McNaughton’s colorful commentary had our heads spinning and eyes darting to explore the ground and the branches high above.


Coastal Morsels

Fifty yards past the trail’s end, the Pacific pulsed with the ebbing tide. Coastal rocks pockmarked by tidal pools revealed an abundant garden, exposing morsels to be stewed, sautéed, or consumed raw.

The Wickaninnish Inn perched above was a reminder of how chefs like Warren Barr at the Wick’s Pointe Restaurant use such foraged ingredients. Pulling out his knife, McNaughton carved razor-thin slices from some beached bull kelp to give us our first taste of the sea.


A Man on a Mission

With a flash of a smile and slouching cap, McNaughton left us to forage in well-guarded forest clearings between Tofino and his home base in Ucluelet.

It came as no surprise that McNaughton had been out already that day — several times, in fact. What we foraged was only a fraction of the day’s harvest. Yet our day felt full already, and it was only morning.

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