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Discover the full range of Quadra Island accommodations.

Paddling Tour Group

Quadra Island Kayaks offers paddling tours ranging from half-day to multi-day tours that include all needed camping gear and prepared meals.

Restaurant Highlights

Heriot Bay Inn includes the Herons Restaurant with casual sea-side dining, including breakfast, sandwiches and burgers. Late night food is available at the HBI Pub with classics like wings and nachos.


All photography was taken by Keith Ladzinski.

Author's Note

While staying at the April Point Resort & Spa on Quadra Island, the crew took to the water by kayak to explore offshore islands, including plant, animal and bird life. Both aspiring and avid paddlers will find freedom in escorted tours. (Guided outings range from half- to full-day experiences).

While there’s plenty to do on Vancouver Island, the offshore islands also warrant exploration. Quadra Island is no exception.

With an intriguing history, heritage and character, Quadra Island started to build a case for itself within two minutes of our ferry departure from Campbell River. The intricate waterways drew us to the island, which has enough infrastructure to support multiple sporting activities.

Peter Kayaking

Quadra Island Kayaks Tours

As with many places, connecting with a local guide can lead to an amazing experience. At the end of Taku Road, we found the base for Quadra Island Kayaks, which has paddling itineraries for all experience levels. Here, the guides stood ready with their fleet of Necky tandem kayaks.

Following a quick lesson, we set off on the day’s kayaking adventure as the morning sun reflected off the waters of Heriot Bay. Once we reached the secondary islands, a powerful wave of emotion swept over us.

What more can be said when a bald eagle on a mission launches from the top of an 80-foot evergreen, touches down on the water’s surface, and escapes with a fish almost too big for its extended talons?

As we paddled casually downwind through unpopulated islands, the mountains far to the east began to shimmer like rough-cut gemstones, progressively changing color from jade green to oxidized steel as the day progressed.

Purple, pink and blue sea anemones and starfish sought refuge in small breaks in the shoreline, while sea lions sunbathed in the late fall light, barking their acknowledgment as we passed silently by.

The Day’s End

Upon our return, a crackling beach fire set the tone to contemplate the day. What would we take away from such a pristine place? The water seemed to bring us closer to what really matters.

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