5.10 MTB Shoes

May 9, 2023

by Lionello DelPiccolo
5.10 MTB Shoes

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any mountain biker is a high-quality pair of shoes. This is where 5.10 comes in, a brand that has become synonymous with mountain biking shoes over the years. Whether you are running flats or clipless 5.10 has something in the lineup for you. In honor of 5/10 day, we will take a closer look at 5.10 mountain bike shoes and explore some of their top offerings. This week only 5.10 products will be 20% off for Five Ten Week! 

5.10 was founded in 1985 by Charles Cole and has since become a household name in the mountain biking community. The company is known for its high-quality shoes offering superior grip, durability, and trail comfort. Their shoes have been worn by some of the best riders in the world and have helped them achieve great success.

One of the most popular models from 5.10 is the Freerider Pro mountain bike shoe. This shoe is designed for all-mountain riding with flat pedals and features a Stealth S1 rubber outsole that provides unbeatable grip on your pedals. The shoe also has a durable upper made from synthetic materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of mountain biking and shed some light water. The Freerider Pro is equipped with a stiff midsole that offers excellent power transfer, making it easier to pedal up steep climbs and stay planted and in control on the pedals.

adidas Five Ten Freerider Pro Starting at: $117.76

Another top offering from 5.10 is the Kestrel Pro Boa shoe. This shoe is designed for enduro and trail riding and features a Boa closure system that allows for quick and easy adjustments on the fly. The shoe also has a stiff carbon-infused shank that provides excellent power transfer and clipless pedal compatibility and a Stealth outsole that offers great grip on any terrain and adds added pedal feel on something like a Crankbrothers Mallet Pedal. The Kestrel Pro Boa is also equipped with a reinforced toe box that offers additional protection against rock strikes and other hazards on the trails. For those who like running clipless pedals, these are the 5.10s for you.

Overall, 5.10 mountain bike shoes are a top choice for any serious mountain biker. With their superior grip, durability, and comfort, they are sure to help you take your riding to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, 5.10 has a shoe that will meet your needs. So if you are in the market for a new pair of mountain bike shoes, be sure to check out what 5.10 has to offer.


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