Brand Spotlight: Kryptonite

January 20, 2017

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  • Peter Reese

Our first encounter with the brand’s bolt-cutter defying locks was on the streets of Gotham (yes, the New York City one) years ago. Our team’s time late last fall at the InterBike trade show opened our eyes afresh to the company’s deft manipulation of materials and technology. Here are a few of Kryptonite’s recent lock contributions to the cycling life of cities around the globe.

Kryptonite Messenger Mini with Wheel Extension

Messenger mini wheel extension main Kryptonite Messenger Mini with Wheel Extension Starting at: $72.71

Register your bike, use it right and this stout guardian of your beloved steed comes back with up to $2000 if theft occurs. While the company gives Messenger Mini a 7 out of 10 rating, Active Junky pumps the frame-and-wheel combination higher as the 6.5” x 3.75” opening (main loop) is plenty while being hard to leverage (for the bad guys). And Mini Kryptonite lock slashes weight even with secondary wheel loop as some riders will need to pull their front wheel upon arrival. A plethora of new commuting pants accept 1.83lb Mini without reservation as the rotating lockset protector aids quick engagement thanks to a translucent material. Here’s an easy choice for first-time Kryptonite users who are grateful to be riding with a Lifetime Warranty.

Best For: Short lock-up sessions or less threatening security environments

Kryptonite Wheelnutz

Wheel nutz main Kryptonite Wheelnutz $29.59 - $30.03

Simple really, and a gravity locking system that takes a real insider to cypher. And defeat. Available in three diameters from 8.86mm to 9.82mm, these pocket-size marvels require no keys, password or secret incantations either to lock or unlock. Once assembled, Kryptonite Wheelnutz remains locked when the bike is in an upright position. Turned upside down, we’ve got lift off (of wheelsets, that is). Active Junky grabbed this product with gusto, anxious to outwit their cycling companions. Mission accomplished with a product that’s an ideal companion to frame locking systems (that keep the bike secured in an upright – and locked – orientation). Put this one in the “never knew and now I can’t go back” category.

Best For: Nearly every security situation, even around young children. NOTE: The WheelBoltz skewers employ the same gravity-seeking tech as an option to the Wheelnutz.

Kryptonite Keeper 695 Fold

Stealth missions suit this Active Junky favorite. With a thoughtful on-frame carrying system, Keeper 695 sounds, looks and acts more like a sentient interplanetary being than a simple bike lock. Testers applauded the neoprene cover, particularly during fast docking maneuvers in Denver. Link rotation hits the 360-degree mark using 6mm hardened steel chain links that outperform 85% of the bike locks in circulation (AJ estimate). A pair of wafer keys are thick enough to handle moderately-rough use even as the system itself rates a 4 on Kryptonite’s 10-point scale. Once again, testers appreciated the brand’s hard-core view of ratings as they carry the gold standard in the category. Or perhaps the yellow standard as that’s their iconic color. Buy this one as a gift, particularly for fellow riders intimated by locks such as Kryptolock Combo that requires a combination but notches the Guardian Angel status up to a 6.

Best For: Suburban riding, commuters travelling less targeted or exposed routes.

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