Cairn: The Subscription Box for an Adventurous Life

August 17, 2017

  • by
  • Lionello DelPiccolo

Subscription Boxes have become super popular in the last few years. Everything from organic food to women’s fashion. Cairn is the subscription box for outdoor adventures.

Photo: Lio DelPiccolo

Cairn sends you 3 to 6 useful outdoor products every month. Here at Active Junky, we love our gear; with Cairn, we get our gadget fix on a monthly basis. Cairn boxes can contain anything from trail snacks and cookware to flashlights and first aid kits. The products included in Cairn boxes are always useful, yet not ones you would necessarily purchase yourself. With the constant flow of new products to your doorstep, you can experience a variety of brands’ products and follow new trends in the industry. 

Photo via Cairn

At $27/month (prices and cash back vary on the type of subscription) you are getting up to $50 worth of product delivered to your door step every month. Cairn also has “The Obsidian Box” for $199 per quarter that lands $300 of premium products on your doorstep. Combining the Original Box with the Obsidian Box yields an awesome array of new products that you will certainly find useful.

Using Active Junky you can earn up to 30% Cash Back on your subscription. Some restrictions apply.*

* 30% Cash Back is offered in 1 Month Subscriptions, 6% Cash Back is paid on 6 Month Subscriptions, 3% Cash Back is paid on 12 Month Subscriptions, & 5% Cash Back is paid on Obsidian & Retail/Gift Items

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