Cast with Confidence: Fishing with Casio

March 15, 2016

by Peter Reese
Cast with Confidence: Fishing with Casio

Few pieces of technology enrich the outdoor experience, particularly those small enough to fit on a wrist.  Casio converts powerful, four-sensor data acquisition into visual displays to inform, guide and celebrate every adventure.

Even fishing local, well-known waters relies on adapting to seasonal – and daily – fluctuations of conditions.  Casting into new places or trolling beyond the dock creates another level of complexity.

Success means taking your best shot and turning every moment into the potential for “fish on” adrenaline.  With Casio’s rugged WSD-F10, local data trumps regional weather reports to spur effective here-and-now tactics.  

Casio WSD-F10

Conditions Monitoring continually keeps an eye on variables proven to effect the movement of single and schooling fish.

Atmospheric pressure, combined with tidal cycles, effectively predicts fish behavior including activity levels and most probable depths.

Activity Alerts dramatically reduce the number of missed opportunities for aspiring and adept anglers who have limited interest in fishing “off peak” hours.

Combining key metrics, the WSD-F10 calculates and displays optimum windows for fishing – and reminds you when to hit the water.

Real-Time Guidance, displayed boldly even in marginal lighting conditions, gathers data while you’re busy dropping, twitching and retrieving.

The continually-updating atmospheric pressure tendency display stays one step ahead of sudden weather changes to put any angler in command of the day.

Better fishing begins by taking charge.

Customize the 93g WSD-F10’s face by changing its color, contents and display elements -- even if today’s journey is to work.

Use Moment Setter+ for auto notification of essential information including hydration and nutrition reminders built around your specific activity.

Trust in the 50m water resistant case to survive in even the wettest conditions. The sensors automatically take the 1.32" dual layer LCD display from its mono-tone look, to a vibrant, clear face.

The watch will be available on 3/25 at $500.

Face your adventure boldly: Click Here to learn more including the range of apps to get the most from the Casio WSD-F10.


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