Thunderstruck: Electric Watch and Sunglasses Review

May 20, 2015

  • by
  • Drew Zieff

Summer’s got electricity to it. A buzz that’s part cicada song, part hum of the city.

We all feel the voltage; it makes us dart like fireflies between city lights and flickering campfires.

Electric’s shades and watches do more than block sun and tell time. They harness summer’s lightning; they bottle up that electricity and ship it from California to the world.

We got our hands on a few choice selections from Electric’s current line: the Leadbelly and Mudslinger sunglasses as well as the OW01 Nato watch. After a month of thorough testing, our reviewers were nothing short of thunderstruck.

Leadbelly: Always a Classic

Electric leadbelly03 Electric Leadbelly Sunglasses Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter was a blues musician from Louisiana; he was a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, a master of the 12-string and Kurt Cobain’s favorite performer. The Electric Leadbelly echoes that fuzz and crackle of an old blues recording, with a stainless steel wire frame cutting through a handcrafted Italian acetate frame. Details like the emblem on the custom hinge and the sculpted nose bridge further the sense of craftsmanship, while a bevy of technical features make clarity a priority. Most notable among Electric’s lens technology is the Melanin CR39 composite, which strives to “combine the optical clarity of glass with the durability of a thermoset material.” While we haven’t purposefully bashed the Leadbelly to bits, it seems to possess the longevity of a timeless blues track.

Best For: Road trips, enjoying summer sunsets while manning the grill

Mudslinger: Polarized Protection

Electric mudslinger 05 Electric Mudslinger Sunglasses Look to the Mudslinger when elevation, MPH and heart rate increase. Whether your summer plans call for sipping beers on a pontoon boat or bagging Colorado 14ers, the Mudslinger’s wide-wrapping frame is a solid pick for stylish adrenaline seekers. Active Junky testers put the shades to the test on mountain bike rides in the Front Range in the wake of spring storms. “Not sure why it’s called the Mudslinger,” said one tester. “But I guess ‘Mud Protector’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.”

Best For: Alternating between chill and thrill

OW01 Watch: Field Ready

Electric ow01 02 Electric OW01 Watch Starting at: $118.75 The Officer’s Watch is certainly inspired by military field ops, especially the Olive colorway that Active Junky tested. Over the past month, we’ve inadvertently battered the crystal face with everything from playful puppy teeth to an ice ax adze. So far? Not a scratch. The OW01 is everything Active Junky looks for in a watch: affordable and dependable, trustworthy in the woods and fashionable in the city. Our only criticism of this stylish timepiece? Though the face itself isn’t too big, the wristband is built on the beefy side.

Best For: A trustworthy everyday watch, one you’ll look forward to wearing

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