Gear Up For Fall Running with Sierra

September 22, 2020

by Lionello DelPiccolo
Gear Up For Fall Running with Sierra

Fall is rapidly approaching and we think its the best time for running. There is nothing quite like that crisp autumn air, brushing your skin while out for a long run. Maybe it’s just us, but we think we can run faster and longer in the cool days of fall. We’ve teamed up with Sierra to get you kitted for getting outside, clearing your head, and getting some miles in. Sierra is your one stop shop for brand name outdoor gear and apparel at up to 60% off department and specialty store prices Here are a couple essential items you’ll not want to hit the road or trails without.


There is nothing more important to a good run than a good pair of shoes. Running shoes are a very personal choice as everyone’s foot is shaped differently. Some of the attributes we like to look for when searching for our perfect running shoes are, Width, drop, weight, and cushion, among other characteristics. Other things to consider are where you will be running. If you will be hitting the dirt trails you’ll want to find a shoe with larger lugs and a burlier outsole to protect from rocks and other obstacles on the trail. If you are a primarily pavement runner you can look towards lighter weight minimalist shoes to keep you light on your feet and moving quick. Check out the great prices on all types of running shoes at Sierra.

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Chafing is a runner's worst nightmare. A good pair of running shorts can help solve that problem. There are many things to consider when choosing a pair of shorts. What length do you prefer, do you like built-in compression shorts? There are options for everyone. For the ladies the options are even greater from ¾ length running tights to full length leggings and a variety of shorts you can dress for any weather and find a fit and form that works well for you. We have become recent converts to shorts with built in liners, the light compression and form fitting liners keep you comfortable and wick moisture well as you are on your long runs. 

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Comfort is king with all running gear and shirts are no exception. When out running for miles the last thing you want is some sort of irritation that takes your mind off the task at hand. We are big fans of natural materials like Merino Wool for most of our activewear. The wicking, odor resistant and breathability of wool is second to none, it keeps you cool when its hot out and warm when it is cold out. The versatility is unrivaled. We are definitely not talking about your grandfather’s wool sweater either, modern wool products are soft to the touch and don’t have that itchy feeling of old school wool. Synthetic fabrics have also come a long way in terms of moisture management and odor control. Whatever material you choose make sure that the shirt is intended for high output activities and you’ll stay stay relatively dry and have excellent range of motion on your runs.

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Whether it is hydration or recovery, Sierra has all the gear and accessories you need to complete your running regimen. We are big fans of hydration belts for long runs where you really need some replenishment to keep you going. Sierra has a great selection of Nathan products which we love to take on all of our endurance events. Don’t forget your recovery and cross training. With a big selection of yoga mats and resistance bands you can get prepared at home for your next big run.

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