Live Monumental: Birthplace of Rivers, WV

September 17, 2015

by Active Junky
Live Monumental: Birthplace of Rivers, WV

Footwear brand Keen is advancing a proposition that’s both shockingly simple and casually consequential: collect 100,000 signatures on a single, enormous yellow scroll to protect 5 different U.S. locations as national monuments. With a combined 3 million acres crying out for protection, the boots-on-the-ground, signatures-on-the-scroll roadshow is marching steadily toward Washington, D.C. Powered by Keen but dependent on the people, the LIVE MONUMENTAL petition deserves more than passing interest.

Birthplace of Rivers, WV

From Keen:

“Here you'll find some of the state's most dramatic vistas, tallest waterfalls and cleanest waterways. Six regionally important rivers begin in this area, ensuring water quality for a network of communities downstream.

Its center is the Cranberry Wilderness, the largest federally designated wilderness area in the Eastern United States.”

Connect with the caravan but add your signature today (as in, now).

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Where to find the caravan:

9/18 - Birthplace of Rivers, WV
9/23 - Washington DC


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