Make Your Mark: Time-Sensitive Tats For Race Day

July 27, 2016

by Peter Reese
Make Your Mark: Time-Sensitive Tats For Race Day

Riding or running a race and want to make a statement about a cause, favorite brand or personal goal?  Inkbox founders Tyler and Braden Handley added $1 million in celeb funding to $300,000 raised about a year ago to advance their project  With about a two-week lifespan, the body art invention has been tuned up to apply original designs in close to 10 minutes.  Active Junky’s ready to put their biceps and calves on the line before stepping up to the start as we’re more about more skin and less about clothing for most competitive and citizen racing events.  Applications are boundless and limited by money rather than imagination.  Read more from TechCrunch's coverage.

Image via Inkbox


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