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RinseKit: Après Play Spray

January 28, 2016

  • by
  • Peter Reese

The difference between market-relevant inspiration and quirky self-delusion is, in this case, two gallons of water.  Agua that’s pressurized, made portable and dispensed with a seven-pattern spray nozzle.

Active Junky got doused with practical applications after first glimpsing this “fast-draining cooler” online.  Filled from any clean-water spigot, RK powers up for about 90 seconds of full on blasting, three minutes of more polite rinsing.

Peter Reese
Peter Reese
Peter Reese
Peter Reese
Peter Reese
Peter Reese

Images via Peter Reese

Testers’ mountain bikes and kayaks got the treatment including off-season cleanup well away from home and sidewalk (to avoid slippery, frozen pools left after spraying).  Balanced, one-handed carrying made multiple spigot trips easy whenever greater water volume was required.

Rinse Kit Portable Shower Sprayer

While the starter kit is complete, the optional sink adapter (not evaluated yet by Active Junky) likely multiplies RinseKit’s utility by a factor of four or more.  Practice at home before venturing to trailhead, beach or pullout is well advised; Two gallons goes fast if not managed wisely.

Worth the $90?  One tester, pennywise surf, SUP and beach lover from coastal North Carolina, left the test and ordered one for personal use.  His desire to spend less time vacuuming sand and grit from his truck cab -- plus keep his toys pristine – made RinseKit liquid gold. 

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