Rokform Phone Cases and Bike Mounts

July 12, 2017

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  • Lionello DelPiccolo

Are you a bike commuter who wants your map app at the ready? Or a serious cyclist who likes to have Strava at your fingertips? The Rokform system is the perfect bike mounting solution for commuters and long distance cyclists alike. Depending on your needs there are a few options from Rokform to consider.

Rokform Rugged Phone Case

Rokform iphone 7 1 Rokform Rugged Phone Case iPhone 7 Starting at: $48.00

The common thread in the Rokform system is the phone case. The Rugged case series is perfect for those living an active lifestyle. Enough protection to give you peace of mind, yet still slim and sleek enough to fit nicely in your pocket and not look out of place in the office. A magnet embedded in the case makes the phone mount possibilities endless. One tester liked placing the phone on the side of his car with music playing as he strapped up his ski boots. Although powerful, the rare-earth magnet will not affect your credit cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.  This is a solid phone case and we would recommend it even if the added benefits of mounting options were not present.

Rokform Bike Handlebar Mount

Rokform handle bar 1 Rokform Bike Handlebar Mount Starting at: $28.80

The most basic mount in the lineup, the Bike Handlebar Mount takes seconds to install, yet is incredibly secure. Simply strap the low-profile mount on your handlebar, lock on your phone and you are good to go. A nearly universal design, you can place the mount on any bar sized 7/8" to 1-1/4" be that your bike handlebar, or your jogging stroller. The simple installation makes transferring the mount quick and easy so you can always have a secure mount for your phone when you need it.

Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount

Pro series 1 Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount Starting at: $67.20

The Pro Series Mount is geared towards more serious riders. Maybe you are out riding a century or on a cross country mountain bike loop; the Pro Series will keep your phone securely in place. Keeping the phone centered and not obstructing your handlebars is an advantage over the Handlebar Mount. The Pro Series comes with an adjustability range of -20 to +55 Degrees so you will always have your phone at the optimal viewing angle. Once again you have navigation, and ride tracking apps at your fingertips. You can also easily see any notifications that will inevitably pop up on longer rides and quickly decide if they are worthy of your attention. The combination of the RokLock mounting system and the magnet make this mount feel incredibly secure, but you can also attach the included lanyard for added peace of mind.

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