Ten Reasons to Bike to Work in the Winter

January 15, 2016

by Amos Adams
Ten Reasons to Bike to Work in the Winter

We know it’s tough to accept: the holiday season is over.  Back to the grindstone, to dreary winter rush hour, to waiting for the weekend.

No.  Stop.  Snap out of it.  Weekend warriors are weak.  Your New Year’s resolution for more adventure starts by becoming a Week-Long Warrior.  Biking to work in the summer is great, but few realize that it’s even better in the winter.  Here’s why:

1. Everyday Adventure.  No two bike commutes are ever the same.  Kickstarting the day with a healthy dose of the unexpected should be enough to entice any Active Junky.  Winter amps up the adventure factor, as our most memorable commutes have all been in snowstorms.

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2. Increased Productivity.  We won’t shower you with stats—biking to work is obviously better for your health and for the environment than alternatives.  In the summer, the exercise speaks for itself, but in the winter, cold mornings give an extra jolt of energy so refreshing you may actually get things done before your lunch break (or even quit coffee altogether.)  As an added bonus, exercise is one of the best ways to beat the cold weather blues.

3. Beat Traffic.  This depends on your city.  Ignoring the iciest days, we’ve noticed our commute times decrease in winter, mainly because bike lanes are noticeably less crowded.  When it is icy or snowy, slow down and enjoy the adventure.  Your winter mornings can still be more efficient than your summer mornings because in cold weather you can…

4. Skip the Shower.  Even short summer commutes can leave you sweaty and stinky.  Colder weather means less sweat and less need to shower at work, saving valuable morning minutes.

5. Wear Work Clothes.  In the same vein, biking in work clothes in the summer is generally too hot, but in winter, just right.  This allows you to leave that bulky change of clothes at home, making for a lighter, speedier ride.

6. Prime Parking. Not only can you park your ride right at the office (saving time), but also you will save significantly by not paying for a spot.  Get an idea of how much you’ll save.

7. Grow a Beard.  Finally, you’ve found your excuse.  There’re few things more badass than a frosted beard (your co-workers can't help but agree), and they make surprisingly effective natural face-warmers.

8. Gain Respect.  From yourself and from your peers.  It won’t always be easy and sometimes it will suck.  But isn’t that what it’s all about?  “You biked here?  In this!?” has yet to get old for us.

9. Make Money!  The Bicycle Commuter’s Act entitles employees to $20 dollars a month for bike-related expenses.  We’re hoping this will increase, but for now it helps keep your ride in good shape.  

10. We’re With You!  With tips and gear recommendations for perfecting your winter bike commute on the way, we’re here to make the switch as easy and affordable as possible.

Need more inspiration to pedal through the pain? Here are 12 tips for Winter Bike Commuting and some Gear Suggestions.


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