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Urban Mountain Biking in Cusco, Peru

September 11, 2015

  • by
  • Drew Zieff

Cusco’s no stranger to mountains. The city sits at 11,200 feet, an altitude higher than the peaks of most North American ski resorts. That said, there’s got to be plenty of downhill mountain biking to be had beyond city limits. 

So why take to the tight streets and urban obstacles of Cusco?

Aaron Chase, Chris Van Dine and local ripper Yannick Wende Bussiere drop down Cusco’s narrow streets, wall ride up Peruvian storefronts and take shortcuts down steep, overgrown inclines. As they dodge cattle and wheelie through traffic, horns honking out of shock and awe if nothing else, it becomes clear why these downhillers take to the concrete. 

They do it, obviously, for the rush.

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