Brooks Catamount 2 Men's


The Brooks Catamount 2 is a solid trail running shoe that offers a great balance of performance and comfort. Designed for those who love to explore rugged terrains, this shoe delivers reliable traction and protection.

One of the standout features of the Catamount 2 is its grippy outsole. The lugs are strategically placed to provide excellent traction on various surfaces, giving you confidence on both uphill climbs and downhill descents. Whether it's loose gravel, muddy trails, or rocky paths, the shoe keeps you stable and secure.

The Catamount 2's lightweight construction makes it an agile choice for trail runners. It feels nimble on your feet, allowing for quick movements and agile navigation through challenging terrains. The cushioning is adequate to provide a comfortable ride, while the rock plate ensures protection against sharp objects on the trail.

The shoe's upper is constructed with durable materials that offer decent breathability. Your feet stay well-ventilated during runs, and the shoe's snug fit provides a secure lockdown. However, it's worth noting that individuals with wider feet might find the initial fit slightly narrow.

Durability is a key strength of the Catamount 2. The shoe's construction and quality materials hold up well to the rigors of trail running, with minimal signs of wear and tear even after extensive use.

Overall, the Brooks Catamount 2 is a reliable trail running shoe that delivers on its promises. With its exceptional traction, lightweight design, and durability, it's a suitable choice for those who enjoy off-road adventures. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or a beginner looking to explore new paths, the Catamount 2 will support you on your journey.

Tech Specs
  • Uphill efficiency
  • Light, responsive cushioning
  • Sticky traction

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