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Ever wanted to be a fearless bush pilot, ready to repair their landing gear on a remote sandbar? Or that person that makes a shelter, builds a fire and prepares dinner (from foraged foods) in 60 minutes or less? KLAX axe head is the key, bringing to bear camp and survival essentials in a fold-flat tool protected by a ballistic nylon wallet. Purchase the optional 15” hardwood handle or fabricate your own – on the spot – and you’re chopping, hammering and wrenching with authority. Even without the handle, serious cutting, peeling and bottle opening happen smoothly with the 14.4oz stainless steel blade. Bring ¼” bits along if boat, mountain bike or snow machine need work using the integral socket (a metric head version is available as well). 

Pros: Stay-sharp edges on all tools. Secure attachment to a fabricated or factory-built wooden handle. Total efficiency in a fold-flat package.

Cons: Tricky to handle safely. Practice and skill are required to take advantage of this high-end tool that functions best with the optional handle.

Tester Comments: “Stunning, really. Rather than a hokey mash-up of trivial tools, KLAX goes to work immediately, even before a clamp-to-cut handle is attached. Non-hunters will learn to love the ulu knife blade, an ancient palm-held cutting, peeling and scraping device. The angled knife blade takes some technique but is the perfect length to slice and chop.” 

Key Attribute: Utility

Best For: Backcountry trekking, adventure travel and giving as an Ultimate Gift that’s both totally practical and perpetually amazing

Tech Specs

Weight: 14.4 ounces (head only)

Overall Length: 15 inches

Head Length: 6.5 inches

Blade Length: 1.7 inches

Blade Steel: SUS420 Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Wood

Sheath Material: Nylon

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