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About Momentous Deals, Promo Codes & Cash Back

Momentous based in Park City, Utah is dedicated to creating a completely new and trusted category of tools to maximize the human body.

Our flagship product, PR Lotion, gives the body more bicarb (a natural electrolyte) to help muscles perform. Bicarb reduces 'lactic acid' in muscles which allows athletes to push harder, feel better, and go longer. Bicarb has long been overlooked because it's hard on the gut. PR Lotion is the world's first and only product to deliver bicarb directly to the muscles. It's proven by science, trusted by the world's top athletes, and guaranteed to work.

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Momentous – Deals, Promo Codes & Cash Back

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PR Lotion Helps Improve Muscle Efficiency, Increase Training Capacity & Enhance Recovery.
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