8 Reasons to Camp in the Fall

September 10, 2015

by Alex Faubel
8 Reasons to Camp in the Fall

With the scorching heat of summer almost behind us, it’s time to gear up for fall activities—including camping. Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t put your tent and sleeping bag in storage just yet.

The Weather

Summer is a popular time to camp and hike, sure, but you really can’t beat the weather in fall. Cooler temperatures mean you can sleep in without the suffocating humidity driving you out of your tent. Campsite coffee never tastes as good as it does on a crisp autumn morning—especially after you’ve had more than 6 hours sleep.  

Affordable Rates

Rates at campsites are lower when you aren’t traveling during peak season. Many campsites will drop rates and even stop taking reservations after Labor Day. 

Fewer Crowds

Busy campgrounds can be overwhelming during summer; finding the right spot – even off the grid – can be a challenge. Less people camp during the school year, allowing you to enjoy more campground privacy and less crowded hiking trails. 

Bonus: Make time to check out neighboring towns and experience local culture after the vacationers have gone and inflated summer prices return to normal. 

Less Bugs 

The bugs don’t thrive in chilly fall temperatures. Your tent haven in the forest will be even more comfortable without fear of invasion by mosquitos and other irritating insects. Don’t ditch the bug spray just yet! Keep some packed, just in case.  

Leaf Peeping

The leaves are starting to change colors, which will transform your campsite into a glowing wonderland of reds, yellows and oranges. You’ll have a front-row seat to view the leaves as they change. Snap some photos to use as gifts for friends and family during the holidays. 

Clearer Constellations 

Did you know you some constellations come into view during this season? Crawl into your mummy bag and gaze up at the sky as the campfire embers fade to black. 

Avoid Summer Storms 

Though summer boasts its share of sunshine, many places experience afternoon thunderstorms that stem from the warm, humid conditions. Rain and lighting put a damper on any camping trip, which makes fall’s milder temperatures a safe bet.


During summer, not only is it oftentimes too hot for a fire, but also many national forests, campgrounds and towns have stricter fire restrictions, as danger of forest fires is higher. During fall, you have a better chance of being able to relax by a sizeable bonfire while actually enjoying its warmth.

Pack everything you need for a warm, comfortable camping trip, including plenty of food, water and clothes. We also recommend a compass, first-aid kit and wilderness survival pack for camping trips off the beaten path. 

Above all, stay safe and enjoy your fall camping trip! 


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