Hydro Flask Trail Series

May 7, 2021

by Mike Martinez
Hydro Flask Trail Series

Our love for Hydro Flask is well documented. Their stainless steel insulated drinkware goes with us pretty much everywhere you go. The one gripe we have had with our Hydro Flask bottles is the weight and we’ve found ourselves reaching for lighter bottles on long hikes and bigger days in the mountains. Luckily, the good folks at Hydro Flask recognized the problem and developed an all new line of bottles called the Trail Series™ that is 25% lighter than the standard bottles, but with all the incredible insulation that we’ve come to know and love from Hydro Flask bottles.

32 oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series™

Hydro Flask 32 oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series™ On most mountain adventures we take at least 32 oz of water. This bottle is perfect for our big mountain adventures where light packs are key, but hydration needs are high. We especially loved the large capacity insulated bottle that kept our water cold as we’ve come to expect from our Hydro Flasks after a long, hot approach to rock climb. There is nothing quite like a drink of ice cold water after a long sunny hike. Compared to the warm or even hot water that we’d normally get with the plastic bottles normally used on longer hikes. Compatible with most backcountry filters you’ll be set once summer backpacking season hits. Hydro Flasks makes a few different lids to suit your needs, we like to swap between the standard and straw lid depending on if we are at the desk or in the backcountry.

21 oz Lightweight Standard Mouth Trail Series™

Hydro Flask 21 oz Lightweight Standard Mouth Trail Series™ This smaller size is the new guy to the Trail Series™ lineup; it is the perfect size and weight for ultra lightweight adventures. We even love this bottle not only for water, but for taking some hot beverages while backcountry skiing to warm the soul on stormy days. The smaller size and lightweight means we can take our coffee and tea and shove in our pack without noticing the extra weight and enjoy hot drinks for hours on the mountain. The best part is that thanks to the stainless steel construction of Hydro Flasks the bottle doesn’t retain any flavors so when the weather warms up and we go back to using this as a water bottle we won’t have to worry about any lingering coffee flavors tainting our water. We’ve been loving the Trail Series™ and these bottles will be our go to hydration solution for longer adventures.


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