Backstory: Rollors, Roll Model to Inspire

June 23, 2016

by Peter Reese
Backstory: Rollors, Roll Model to Inspire

Matt Butler, a Minnesota native, has the vision and downright grit to do something that matters.  The contrast between his game’s pure fun and the tough employment situation it addresses got Active Junky in the game for an important recent interview.

What inspired the game’s creation?

There are a couple things that inspired the creation of Rollors. First, I wanted to find a way to help give back to veterans by employing them. Since I’m an 18-year veteran of the Air Force, I know the lifestyle first hand. Secondly, I saw a lack of quality outdoor games on the market. I saw a lot of poorly-manufactured outdoor games that didn’t even last a summer without something breaking.

Note: Rollors is made of 100% eco-friendly New Zealand hardwood from sustainable forests. 

How does the project fit your passion and life mission?

My passion is helping veterans. I’m very grateful for the sacrifice our nation’s veterans and their families have made in service to our country. I feel an obligation, not only on the battlefield, but off as well to help veterans gain meaningful employment and render assistance as they transition to their civil life.  I discovered many veterans want to gain a better foundation in business or the basics of becoming an entrepreneur. Veterans are very resilient and innovative, making them perfect candidates to become business owners. The fuel feeding my passion is seeing their concepts grow into successful businesses that support the U.S. economy. 

What does the product mean to the women and men who make it? 

This product brings many wonderful opportunities, not only for myself, but for the veterans. It means a lot to me to see them advance in their transition, employment and education at our company. 


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