What Works: Catch and Release Trout Fishing

July 05, 2016

  • by
  • Peter Reese

Dear What Works: 

Without apologies, I love a pan-fried trout fillet.  And I’ve had trouble getting my fish out of the net and staying alive back in the water.  What now?

What Works:

Thanks and a great question attached to a common problem.  Catch and release is not a new idea as it started with specific species in isolated waters.  Managing the freshwater resource is the goal, with many lakes and streams now using daily limits to promote angling beyond the dinner table (or cast-iron pan over a sizzling campfire).  In addition, size restrictions keep breeding stock stable while preventing massive minnow-like populations.

Take a look at this video provided by Trout Unlimited to learn more about proper hook preparation, landing and release techniques to get it done in the water.  And don’t forget a waterproof smartphone case and measuring tape to document your piscine prowess.  This photo is evidence that the Active Junky team is up to its waders in fun already this season.

Image by Rob Greene

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