Father’s Day Gift Guide: Fizzics

June 2, 2016

by Peter Reese
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Fizzics

Three years ago, I graduated from Guinness Brewing’s “Perfect Pour” course, hosted at their Dublin, Ireland headquarters.  Central to my intense 60-minute education was the ability to create a consistent, finely-foamed head that yielded the famous “waterfall” effect down through the pint.

Fast-forward to experimentation back in Colorado with commercial nitro beers, cans with widgets and various pouring techniques from bottles, cans and growlers.  Despite my awe-inspiring Celtic credentials, the ability to consistently produce a latte-like head remained slightly out of reach from my now ale-soaked hands.

Enter Fizzics, an appliance with a not-coincidental likeness to a pub-drawn pint of stout.  Capable of keeping beer cool for up to 12 hours (via insulation, not a chilling element), Fizzics imparts the final touches to a pour with a simple toggle to the rear. Not for other beverages, the beer-hungry, AA battery-powered device taps into the existing container with a removable plastic hose.

Patent-pending fluid and gas technology converge to multiply every bubble of carbonation into a top-off that releases both the aromas and flavors attached to the beer being served.  Rigorous testing – accompanied by a full recycling container – revealed the product’s merits in serving up lagers, pale ales, wit beers and porters.  

Clean-up with Fizzics is simple and requires system rinsing with warm water. As the end of the pour can produce some sputtering and spraying, an exterior wipe-down is mandatory.  Employing Fizzics during group gatherings is the highest and best use for the technology given these post-pour requirements. 

Does the system earn its keep, including the space required to store it between sessions? For brewing fanatics, this product makes the normally two-dimensional out-of-pub experience a richer, three-dimensional one.  Your next mission?  Find, mount and pummel a horsehair dart board in your basement, garage or man cave.  Frothy pint at the ready

Check out the Fizzics Beer System >


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