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Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Junkies

November 18, 2021

  • by
  • Drew Zieff

Holiday shopping can feel like heavy lifting—which is precisely why our team pulled together this fitness gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for a gym rat or a yoga lover, a backyard bodybuilder or a casual jogger, you’ll find a perfect gift below. Without further ado, here are 14 of our favorite gifts for fitness fanatics, including gummies and gizmos, apps and athletic wear, watches and water bottles, and much, much more.

Alo Yoga 7” Unity 2-in-1 Short

Alo Yoga 7” Unity 2-in-1 Short Starting at: $94.08

Alo Yoga’s 2-in-1 Unity Shorts are up for any challenge, from early morning runs to post-work yoga classes. The overall aesthetic is immediately striking, but it’s the integrated compression liner that will make gents fall head over heels for these Alo Yoga shorts. The performance-ready boxer brief liner keeps unwanted bounce to a minimum, allowing for comfortable workouts and peace of mind during particularly acrobatic yoga poses. Additionally, Alo equipped the lightweight Unity with a wide, elastic waistband, a drawcord, and invisible front and back pockets, making these 2-in-1 shorts a shoo-in gift for any active athlete. 

Hydro Flask 12 oz Insulated Food Jar

Hydro Flask 12 oz Insulated Food Jar Starting at: $33.38

Experts say chowing down on protein-rich foods after a workout is a smart play, which is why so many gym-goers religiously pound protein smoothies. But you know what tastes better than a protein smoothie? Real, home-cooked food. Check out Hydro Flask’s line of insulated food jars, which are perfect for bringing along a warm, healthy meal to snack on after a workout. We love to fill this jar up with quinoa and teriyaki-glazed salmon, bring along a sliced avocado in a smaller 8 oz jar (to keep it cool), top the salmon with the avocado, and voila! The perfect post-workout meal, no protein powder needed.

RBX Deep Tissue Textured Massage Roller

RBX Deep Tissue Textured Massage Roller Starting at: $26.18

Any serious athlete—at least any serious athlete over the age of 25—will tell you that recovery is just as important as the workout itself. RBX designed this foam roller with textured knobs that dig deeply into muscles, work out kinks, and relieve persistent aches. Foam rollers can help fitness fanatics stretch calves, quads, back, and neck—you name it. Foam rolling can be painful, true, but the long-term benefits are well-worth any temporary discomfort.

Title Nine Crash 2.0 Polartec Tights

Title Nine Crash 2.0 Polartec® Tights

Title Nine calls the Crash 2.0 Polartec Tights its “warmest tights ever.” With Polartec Power Stretch Fabric—a 90% poly, 10% spandex blend—these stretchy, warm tights are perfect for defiant, dedicated runners who won’t let winter slow them down. With a zippered pocket, reflective hem, mid-rise cut, and elastic waist with a hidden inner drawcord, these tights are purpose-built for crushing cold-weather workouts. Not only that, but these tights play double duty: you can wear them as a solo layer or underneath ski pants when it’s time to hit the slopes. 

Nixon Heat Watch

Nixon Heat Watch Starting at: $142.50

Nixon’s watch designers followed the mantra “less is more” when masterminding the Heat Watch. The workout-ready watch is as slim and svelte as possible without sacrificing usability or features. It’s rugged and waterproof, too, earning it a place on the wrist of world champion surfer John John Florence during his brutal training sessions. For swimmers and sprinters, trail runners and Olympic lifters, the Heat’s thin 8mm case, impermeable build, easy-to-read display, and multiple timer settings make this watch a winner. Best of all? It looks slick even when you’re not slick with sweat.

Under Armour UA HOVR Sonic 4 Storm Running Shoes

Under Armour Men's UA HOVR™ Sonic 4 Storm Running Shoes Starting at: $122.20

Under Armour makes some of our favorite running shoes on the market, thanks to innovative tech that’s on display in the winter-ready Sonic 4 Storm. Firstly, these kicks connect via Bluetooth to MapMyRun, Under Armour’s proprietary app, which allows you to track your runs and also helps you improve your form. Secondly, HOVR cushioning is insanely comfortable beneath your feet and offers excellent rebound for swift strides. Factor in a waterproof upper, removable, form-fitting sock liner, and easy-to-operate cinch-style lacing, and the Sonic 4 Storm is ready to run, no matter the weather. 

Plant People WonderDay Mushroom Gummies

Plant People WonderDay Mushroom Gummies Starting at: $27.60

It’s no secret: mushrooms work magic on the human body—and mind—and no one knows that better than the good folks at Plant People. These WonderDay Mushrooms taste delicious, like freshly plucked wild raspberries. More importantly, these daily supplements are packed with ten adaptogenic mushrooms that offer a variety of benefits for body and brain, including:

  • Reishi for relaxation and stress 
  • Chaga and Agaricus Blazei for immune support
  • Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps for cognitive enhancement
  • Turkey Tail and Maitake for a healthy gut and smooth digestion

LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis™

LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis™ Starting at: $73.32

As seen on Shark Tank, Larq’s innovative bottles clean themselves. Not only are these PureVis bottles aesthetically stunning, but these works of art integrate groundbreaking science, too. Simply tap the cap and an integrated UV-C light zaps bacteria, viruses, and even bio-contaminants. These features make Larq bottles a favorite for travelers, but the lightweight stainless steel Movement PureVis style is perfect for gym-goers and anyone who’s conscientious of what they put in their body. 

My Protein Booty Band Bundle

My Protein Booty Band Bundle Starting at: $43.24

“Booty Band” may be a funny name for workout gear, but nobody—or, rather, “nobooty”—is laughing when they’re on their fifth set of squats with a heavy-resistance band wrapped around their quads. This workout kit includes three elastic bands, each of which offers a different resistance level. The bands are primarily used for leg day exercises like fire hydrants and kickbacks, but they can also work back, arms, and core. All told, these compact booty bands are a great gift for anyone with a small at-home workout space or frequent travelers who try to stay fit while on the road. 

The Mirror

The Mirror Starting at: $915.40

The Mirror lets you bring your favorite workout environments—from yoga studio to boxing ring—into the comfort of your own home. The sleek, chic screen mounts easily and unobtrusively to the wall, making it preferable to bulky bikes or ellipticals in smaller spaces. But the real magic of The Mirror is this: you can simultaneously see the instructor on screen demonstrating the exercise and yourself in the reflection, allowing you to quickly and efficiently make adjustments to form on the go. Thousands of diehard Mirror fans attribute their sweaty success stories to Mirror’s library of on-demand classes, which run the gambit from kettlebells and tai chi to yoga and pre-and post-natal workouts. Whether you’re shopping for a fitness beginner or a longtime gym-goer, this futuristic exercise tech will have them sweaty, stoked, and integrating exercise into their daily routine. 

Altra Running Solstice XT2 

Altra Running Solstice XT2 Starting at: $122.20

Many running shoes sport significant heel-to-toe drop, which can help certain runners with stride, cadence, footstrike, form, and more. However, cross-training and gym workouts are best executed in zero-drop shoes like Altra Running’s Solstice XT2, which fosters a more natural stance. Lightweight and low-profile yet still resilient and supportive, the Solstice XT2’s are perfect for lifting, circuit workouts, CrossFit, and more. That said, the Solstice XT2 is extremely versatile and quite capable of clocking miles in between gym work, too—and we expect nothing less from Altra given the brand’s storied history on track and trail. 

Future Fitness App

Future Fitness App Starting at: $119.20

The Future Fitness app is, well, the future of fitness. Unlike many fitness apps that simply offer access to generic classes, Future puts a personal trainer in the user’s pocket. Essentially, Future empowers members to set, meet, and surpass personalized fitness goals by fostering a genuine human connection with a motivating, knowledgeable personal trainer. The app isn’t just for use at home, either: the training tools work at the gym, on the trail, or in a fitness class, too. Because Future connects users with real trainers and coaches, memberships are extremely limited. If this app sounds like a tantalizing gift, we suggest you jump on it sooner rather than later. 

Legends Hawthorne Tech Hoodie Black Heather

Legends Hawthorne Tech Hoodie Black Heather

The perfect workout hoodie isn’t a myth—it’s a Legend. From the gym to the track, Legends’ Hawthorne Tech Hoodie is ready to rise and grind thanks to a high-performance, four-way stretch fabric and mobility-friendly cut. The fleecy fabric is warm and soft to the touch, making the Hawthorne ideal for both cold-weather workouts and Netflix marathons on the couch. The scuba-style hood boosts utility when the temperature drops, and a scalloped hem adds streetwear flair for everyday use in the city. As versatile and stylish as it is comfortable, the Hawthorne is a four-season favorite and a gift that any fitness fanatic will appreciate.

S’well Azurite Roamer

S’well Azurite Roamer Starting at: $50.60

When hydration is key, reach for the Roamer. At 40 oz. the Roamer can keep you hydrated all day and during hot intense workouts. S'well bottles feature Therma-S’well® Technology which is triple-layered vacuum insulation that keeps your drinks cold or hot for hours on end. With a convenient carrying handle and good looks to spare will make this your go-to bottle for years to come. 

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