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Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Junkies

November 17, 2020

  • by
  • Lionello DelPiccolo

Fitness buffs can be notoriously picky with their gear, and sometimes can be hard to shop for. We've rounded up some ideas that will be sure to please anyone who is working on improving their health and fitness. Get them a head start on that New Year's Resolution. 

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Starting at: $211.60

If there is someone on your list who is constantly on the move and their body is paying for it? You’ll be their new favorite person when you pick them up one of these massage guns from Ekrin. We’ve been testing the B37 after long bike rides and early season ski tours. The percussion therapy can greatly reduce recovery times. We love that the B37 comes with 4 interchangeable heads that allow you to cater the therapy to what you need and muscle groups you are targeting. We love the bullet attachment for those painful knots that form in the neck and back, and the round attachment for larger muscle groups like the quads and calves. This massage gun is relatively quiet so you won’t be disturbing your partner while working your muscles, we found that you can comfortably sit and watch TV at a reasonable volume while using the B37. With 5 speeds you can really dial in the frequency that works for you on certain areas. The fitness buff in your life will no doubt be thankful for this gift and they’ll use it for years to come.

Hydro Flask 21 Oz. Standard Mouth with Sport Cap

Hydro Flask 21 Oz. Standard Mouth with Sport Cap Starting at: $31.64

This is one of the most bomber water bottles we have ever tested. At 21 oz., this is the perfect size for your workout, and will keep your ice water cold and refreshing. The sport cap lid is convenient and minimizes fumbling around to open a bottle while in the middle of a workout. 

Women's Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Peregrine 10 Trail Running Shoe

Women's Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Peregrine 10 Trail Running Shoe Starting at: $107.96

This exclusive colorway is only available at JackRabbit. The Peregrine 10 is a favorite among trail runners, featuring an aggressive sole with PWRTRAC rubber you will have traction to spare while tackling your favorite trail. With solid protection you won’t have to worry about bashing your toes on rocks while cruising down the trail. The cushioning strikes the perfect balance between comfort, but still being lively enough to get you up on the climbs. With this epic colorway you won’t go unnoticed on the trails. 

Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio

Gym is closed? The Tempo studio is the solution to stay fit in today’s climate, with potentially another round of lockdowns coming, prepare now for a winter filled with home fitness. The Tempo studio comes with everything you need to have a full body workout right in your home. Complete with real weights, and a suite of live and on demand workouts with real trainers, this is not your average home workout. With white glove delivery and flexible payment options now is the time to really take your home workout set up to the next level. 

InsideTracker Ultimate Kit

InsideTracker is your key to unlock the next level on your fitness journey. They analyze your blood samples and give you personalized and detailed recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle choices that can make a big difference in your wellness. With InsideTracker’s platform you can track your progress over time to see a real look at how your actions are improving your wellness. 

Order The Ultimate Plan and Earn 10% Cash Back

FitTrack Dara BMI Smart Scale

FitTrack Dara BMI Smart Scale Starting at: $66.93

This smart scale makes it easy to track your progress. With 17 health measurements you’ll be getting a clear picture of your health. From BMI to hydration level, muscle mass, body fat percentage and many more this scale gives you crucial metrics at your fingertips and it all syncs with the smartphone app so you can monitor your fitness journey and make adjustments when needed. The scale adapts to your body type to give you more specific and accurate reporting. With the ability to add multiple user profiles you can get the whole family to join on a journey to better health.

LARQ Bottle

LARQ Bottle Movement 32 oz Starting at: $92.12

LARQ bottles are very unique, they contain LED technology to purify your water. That’s right, while you are out adventuring in the mountains no need to carry an extra water purifying device, LARQ’s cap is equipped with an LED that can remove 99.9999% of bio-contaminants. This LED technology also auto activates every 2 hours to clean your bottle and keep water fresh. Never doubt the purity of your water with the LARQ bottle.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Shadow 3 Running Shoe

Mizuno Men’s Wave Shadow 3 Running Shoe Starting at: $107.80

The latest edition of the Wave Shadow sports a newly constructed upper that wraps around your foot like a slipper. We love a well designed comfortable running shoe for those long miles on the road. If you are a midfoot striker this shoe is your match made in heaven. The X10 outsole features a carbon rubber which is more durable to give your shoes some extra life. With the perfect balance between comfort and speed you’ll be cruising in style.  

Tervis Wide Mouth Bottle 24 oz

Tervis Wide Mouth Bottle 24 oz Starting at: $28.50

Who doesn’t love a solid water bottle? We love Tervis’ high quality bottles featuring double walled stainless steel insulation to keep your water cold for up to 72 hours. One of our favorite features is the quiet non-slip base that keeps the bottle from making noise every time you set it down. The spout is covered while closed which prevents sweat or dirt from getting onto the spout and ruining your drink. With plenty of colors and designs to choose from you’ll be sure to find one that fits everybody on your list.

Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Scale

Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Scale Starting at: $97.96

This smart scale from Withings gives you important data on your health. Providing measurements for far more metrics than weight you get a good idea of how your training is having an effect on your body. With metrics such as muscle percentage, bone percentage, weight trends, and many more you get a good amount of insight into your progress. With additional features like automatic app synchronization and nutrition tracking you’ll be connected to your body and progress like never before. If someone on your list is looking to step up their fitness game make sure you get them the Body+ scale. 

Nike Wildhorse 6 Women's Trail Running Shoe

Nike Wildhorse 6 Women's Trail Running Shoe Starting at: $126.10

These trail runners are a sight to behold. Bright colors and interesting design features are sure to turn heads whether you are on the trail or in town. Our tester took to the mountain singletrack and the urban gravel trails to put these shoes through their paces. She loved how quickly the shoes broke in making them ready for bigger adventures right out of the box. The shoes were quick to dry, so you don’t have to worry about having soggy feet all day after a creek crossing or traversing lingering snowfields. A lightweight shoe, but with a stiff lugged outsole to provide plenty of traction on a variety of trails. The foam midsole provides supportive cushioning to keep you comfortable on your feet all day.

Women's UA Qualifier Ignight ColdGear® Funnel Neck

Women's UA Qualifier Ignight ColdGear® Funnel Neck Starting at: $84.15

This top from Under Armour makes it a bit easier to get out for a run in those cold winter months. With a super soft and stretchy knit fabric the top provides enough warmth while still being breathable. The funnel neck gives you that bit of added coverage for those extra chilly days. One of our favorite features are the thumbholes to keep the sleeves in place and the added fold over mittens to really ensure comfort on the most blustery days.

Rhone Reign Tech Short Sleeve

Rhone Reign Tech Short Sleeve Starting at: $49.68

Can a guy really have too many T-shirts? We don’t think so, this Tech Tee from Rhone will certainly be a standout in his collection. Designed to hold up to the toughest workouts, the Reign features body mapping mesh construction and anti-odor technology this shirt will keep you cool and dry while getting after it in the gym. If you have a fitness guru on your list you’ll no doubt have them stoked on this tech tee.

Adidas Solar Boost Running Shoe - Men's

Adidas Solar Boost Running Shoe - Men's Starting at: $83.95

This shoe is designed with the long distance runners in mind. With multi dimensional support you’ll be able to tackle those long miles without as much foot fatigue. The famous Boost midsole cushioning from Adidas gives a responsive and comfortable ride. The TFP upper gives a lot of support for the foot with a low weight penalty so you won’t feel like your shoes are weighing you down. The Continental rubber sole provides plenty of grip whether the conditions are dry, soggy, or anywhere in between. This is the perfect gift to make sure your long distance runners are well equipped to keep tackling miles in 2021. 

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