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Holiday Gift Guide: Hiking and Camping

November 16, 2020

  • by
  • Lionello DelPiccolo

Although it's not exactly hiking season we are always thinking about those sunny days in the mountains. If there is someone on your list who is always planning their next adventure we’ve got some picks for your hikers and camper to make sure they love your gift.

Smartwool Men's PhD® Outdoor Light Pattern Hiking Crew Socks

Smartwool Men's PhD® Outdoor Light Pattern Hiking Crew Socks Starting at: $20.20

One way to stay more comfortable and prevent blisters on your long hikes is to use a hiking specific sock. This lightweight wool sock is designed to keep you dry and cool no matter the conditions. The Indestructawool™ technology keeps the socks durable and the seamless construction prevents any hotspots from forming. With a new design, you’ll make anyone on your list happy with a pair of these Smartwool socks

Hydro Flask 16 Oz. Coffee with Flex Sip Lid

Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid Starting at: $28.34

The new flex slip lid solves one of the only complaints we’ve had on their previous coffee cups. Sometimes some moisture would build upon the previous design and drip. No longer with the new Flex Sip lid. With its twist opening, you get easy to use a leak-free lid that's ready for anything. The new lid is also easier to clean, it comes completely apart so that you can clean all the little nooks and crannies to make sure your pour-over coffee is always tasting top-notch. The lid is the main update but you can still expect the same great high-quality construction from Hydro Flask including their new top-rack dishwasher safe design and TempShield that will keep your coffee hot for hours on end. 

Survivor Filter™ Active Filtration Bottle (900mL)

Survivor Filter™ Active Filtration Bottle (900mL) Starting at: $35.20

Filtering water has never been easier. Just fill squeeze and drink. With active filtration, the bottle filters 99.9% of Toxic Chemicals, Bacteria, Parasites, and Heavy Metals. With the convenience of this bottle, you’ll never be left without clean water. Drink straight out of the bottle or use this to fill other bottles while out on the trail. With a flow rate of 1.8 liters per minute, you’ll be re-hydrated quickly and on your way. 

UST 45-Day LED Lantern

UST 45-Day LED Lantern Starting at: $29.14

With the wildfires that were raging across the west this year, we found ourselves reaching for lanterns more than we were sparking up campfires. We expect this to be the case for many years to come. With a full 45-Day continuous runtime on low mode you can be certain you’ll have enough juice for extended camping trips. Also, an impressive 19 hours in the 350 lumen high mode you can have a fully lit tent or campsite for a full weekend out. Utilizing Alkaline batteries means you can carry extra batteries to really extend the life of your lantern. Both impact and water resistance make this lantern durable and ready to take on any adventure. If you have a dedicated camper on your list this will be the perfect unexpected gift.

Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack

Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack Starting at: $141.00

Do you love taking your dog on long hikes, but your dog doesn’t like hiking for long distances? This is your ticket to adventure. With a dedicated dog pocket, you can give your pup the rest they deserve when out on long adventures. Suitable for dogs up to 25 pounds you and your best friend will be the talk of the trail. Even when your dog isn’t in the pack it still holds up to other day packs on the market. With smart features like a laptop sleeve and water bottle holders you can use this pack for more than just carrying your dog. This pack is perfect for the dog lover that spends their weekends hiking with their small pooch.

PetSafe Happy Ride™ Dog Safety Seat

PetSafe Happy Ride™ Dog Safety Seat Starting at: $59.76

Getting your pets to and from your adventures can be an adventure in itself. We’ve had dogs climbing into our laps while riding on bumpy roads creating a dangerous scenario. This dog safety seat is secured with your car’s seat belt and then you can attach the built in restraint to your dog’s harness keeping them safe and comfortable in the back seat. With the high sturdy sides and soft pillow inside your pooch will stay safe and comfortable while still being able to feel the breeze from the window.

Tailwind Nutrition Starter Kit

Tailwind Nutrition Starter Kit Starting at: $26.68

This is the whole package when it comes to fueling your adventures. With both during and post activity options you’ll be able to keep going all day and be ready to do it all again the next day. The Endurance Fuel is perfect for when you are on the go, mix it with you drink and get the complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration you need, in a medium that is easy to stomach. After your hike is done make sure to grab one of the Rebuild Recovery mixes when you get back to camp. Mix it with your water before you reach for that beer and you’ll be glad you did. This will help your recovery immensely and get you ready for the next day of grinding. If you have some one on your list that is non stop go go go, this is the gift for them to make sure they never lose the energy to keep up with their motivation.

Merrell Women’s Thermo Aurora 2 Mid Shell Waterproof

Merrell Women’s Thermo Aurora 2 Mid Shell Waterproof Starting at: $114.00

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, don’t let it get you down. Keep your feet warm and toasty with these boots from Merrell. Both waterproof and insulated you’ll be trudging through snow and slop like it’s not even there. This is the first and only boot to feature the Vibram Arctic Grip sole for incredible traction on slippery and icy ground. While this boot wouldn’t be out of place strolling around town don’t let it’s good looks fool you these boots are packed with features for proper winter adventures. The snowshoe strap ridge adds stability and a bellowed tongue keeps snow and debris out. Whether around town or deep in the snow you’ll be reaching for these boots everyday this winter. Get 50% Off this boot through 12/31 using code: MERRELL50OFF

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