Eccentric, Awesome Everyday Style from Poler

June 19, 2015

by Drew Zieff
Eccentric, Awesome Everyday Style from Poler

Hawaiian shirts that don’t scream Scarface in Miami. Funky corduroy short-shorts straight out of that Wes Anderson movie (the one with the Boy Scouts). Roll top knapsacks that trigger jealousy and joy from hipsters. 

Welcome to Poler’s 2015 Spring Collection, one that recognizes that technical gear has a time and place. Inspired by love for anytime adventure, the line is stocked with gear to rock all day, every day.

The Rolltop Pack: Whatever Road You Choose

Poler The Rolltop Pack This simple pack unfurls like a Montana cowboy’s bedroll. The functional interior is nothing to write home about as a simple laptop sleeve complements the cavernous main storage compartment – though the stylistic exterior merits a good old-fashioned postcard. A front zip pocket and side compression straps are features that shine more as aesthetic embellishments. Top off Rolltop with embossed leather zips and metal snaps, lightly padded shoulder straps and tough “Campdura” fabric for a vagabond-ready pack.

Best For: Bike commuting, road trips and everything in between

Surf Print Short Sleeve Button Up: Hang 10 for your Hanger

Poler Surf Print Short Sleeve Button Up Absolutely not your uncle’s silk Tommy Bahama, surfers and landlocked daydreamers alike appreciate the slim cut and tasteful design of the fun-loving Surf Print. “I haven’t worn a Hawaiian shirt in years,” said one Active Junky evaluator, “but I’ve got to hand it to Poler, this thing is fresh.” From office to ocean shore, this style is a modern take on a goofy classic.  Wear it lightly, accompanied by a grin, a brew and a sandy beach with peeling waves.

Best For: Looking snazzy without cloning your Dad

Camera Cooler: Protecting Cameras, Beer and Sandwiches Since ’15

Poler Camera Cooler

Don’t put your camera on ice (as the name implies). The Camera Cooler is a utilitarian solution to at least three problems:

  • First off, who carries a lunchbox outside a factory? Upgrade your grade school Batman model to the adult version. The Camera Cooler’s insulated and elegant; a personal picnic basket interwove with street style.
  • Secondly, Camera Cooler houses a six-pack perfectly when the crew is about the brew.
  • Finally, aspire to photo glory and shed a bulky case; remove well-chilled beers and slide in the removable padded divider. Store your camera body, an extra lens and essential accessories. Sling it over your shoulder and go.

Best For: Staying hip, keeping gear on your hip sans fanny pack

Scout Shorts: Ahoy Matey!

Poler Scout Shorts Poler knows this look isn’t for everybody. They’re the shorts your mom bought you as a curious pipsqueak, when you brandished a stick for a sword and turned playgrounds into pirate ships, sand into shark-infested seas. A cuff away from embarrassment, the Scout sits above the knee – offering both a glimpse of pale thighs and jungle gym-worthy mobility. Pockets retain practical items like phone and wallet, as well as illusory ones like doubloons and treasure maps.

Best For: Romping around like a kid again

Furry Font T-Shirt: Classic Comfort

Poler Furry Font T-Shirt Poler’s interpretation of a classic slim cotton shirt, this unassuming tee embodies the brand’s “less is more” approach. Testers donned the shirt while cruising longboards down city streets, juggling soccer balls at urban parks and stopping at local taco trucks.  They registered surprise at the bevy of compliments garnered by the low-key garment.

Best For: Chilling, being generally awesome


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