Brand Spotlight: Electric Goggles

November 15, 2018

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  • Lionello DelPiccolo

Electric is known for producing high-end snow goggles. Their style focuses on functionality and quality. This year a few new models have been released that are on the cutting edge of goggle tech. Read on to find out how Electric is pushing the industry forward.

The Electron

Photo: The Road West Media

Electron goggles 1 Electric The Electron Goggles Starting at: $285.00 Electric’s new flagship goggle is changing the game. Instead of changing the lens to account for different lighting conditions. You can simply push a button and get the convenience of three different lens tints. You get a range of 46%, 31%, and 15% VLT allowing you to have just the right tint for any sort of weather. The goggles are powered by a small control module connected to the strap. The module is small, light, and testers were surprised that they did not notice the module at all while wearing the goggles. In typical Electric fashion these goggles feature a large fit for great peripheral vision and comfy 3 layer face foam. Testers appreciated the new technology especially on a day when the morning started out overcast, but cleared a few hours later. It was easy to change the tint of the lens without worrying about if you brought a replacement and fumbling around in the snow or on the chairlift trying to swap lenses. This is an elegant solution to a long standing problem in the goggle industry.


Photo: The Road West Media

Egg goggles 4 Electric EGG Goggles Starting at: $171.00 A new product for Electric this year, based on the well reviewed EG2. With classic Electric style the EGG comes with “more lens, less frame.” Testers love this look and the greater field of vision it provides while weaving through trees and crowded early season slopes. With all the features you would expect in today’s goggles, such as comfy 3-layer facefoam, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, helmet compatibility, etc. The EGG is a fantastic choice for all riders looking for a no compromises, reliable high end goggle.


Photo: The Road West Media

Kleveland goggles 2 Electric Kleveland Goggles Starting at: $114.00 The Kleveland is the brain child of Pro snowboarder Marcus Kleveland and is Electric’s first Pro-Model goggle. The Kleveland has a universal fit making it suitable for both Men and Women. The tongue and groove replacement system makes lens swaps simple. This is a no frills goggle with premium materials creating a goggle that is up for anything. 


Photo: The Road West Media

Eg35 goggles 5 Electric EG3.5 Goggles Starting at: $190.00 The EG3.5 is a retooled EG3 in order to have a better fit for smaller faces. Another example of classic Electric design. Press Seal Technology makes a lens change quick. The full suite of features include 3 layer face foam, 40mm strap with silicone lining, helmet compatible frame, and a hard coating to protect from fog and scratches.

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