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Hydro Flask Outdoor Kitchen Review

September 10, 2021

  • by
  • Lionello DelPiccolo

We have been big fans of Hydro Flask for many years, our Hydro Flask bottles are part of our everyday carry kit. From water to food, coffee, wine and so much more we rely on Hydro Flask’s products from home to office, to trail. Needless to say when Hydro Flask launched their new camp kitchen line up we were pretty stoked to test it out and elevate our culinary camping game up a notch.

Hydro Flask 10 in Plate 

Hydro Flask 10in Plate This personal-sized plate is your perfect camp companion. Whether you are cooking up a gourmet camp meal or roasting hot dogs and baked beans over the fire, this plate has you covered. The TouchShield insulation protects your hand from feeling the burn when you put your piping hot food on your plate and hold it while sitting in your camp chair. Our favorite feature of this whole line of Outdoor Kitchen gear is the durability, you don’t have to worry about throwing this lot in the back of a truck or in your camp bin and in rattling around. Like all Hydro Flask products, it is built to last and can withstand the abuse that comes with outdoor living. 

Hydro Flask 12oz Outdoor Tumbler

Hydro Flask 12oz Outdoor Tumbler

From coffee in the morning to whiskey and wine at night this tumbler has got you covered on all your camp beverage needs. Like all Hydro Flask beverage containers, the Outdoor Tumbler keeps your drinks at the temperature you want them. A warm cup of coffee to start the day off and making getting out of the sleeping bag a little easier, no problem.  A nice iced cocktail to finish the day off, easy. Bonus points are awarded for the convenience of measuring markers on the inside of the tumbler to help out with your culinary adventures in the absence of a full kitchen and measuring cups. A narrower design means the cups fit nicely into your camp chair cup holder.

Hydro Flask 1qt Bowl

Hydro Flask 1qt Bowl with Lid

The perfect-sized bowl for your hot soup or oatmeal while out in the woods. There is nothing quite like a hot meal on a chilly night. Luckily with the insulated bowl, you can keep your food hot for longer and not have to worry about burning your hands. The included lid keeps food secure and bugs off when you aren’t eating.

Hydro Flask 5qt Serving Bowl & 3qt Serving Bowl

Hydro Flask 3qt Serving Bowl with Lid Hydro Flask 5qt Serving Bowl with Lid

We are not normally ones to prepare our meals ahead of time while out camping. Usually, it is clapping something together quickly between activities. With the Hydro Flask serving bowls we were able to prepare food ahead of time and be certain that the food will stay warm or cold whichever you need. Having that pre-made food was such a treat after a long day of mountain biking. Getting back to camp and just popping the lids on our bowls to find wonderfully chilled pasta and fruit salad was a welcome treat on a hot summer day. The insulated bowls with lids provide the ideal serving bowls for car camping, picnicking and everyday use. 

Hydro Flask 34L Outdoor Tote

Hydro Flask 34L Outdoor Tote

You need a way to carry all of this Hydro Flask goodness to your picnic, enter the Outdoor Tote. Big enough to fit all of these bowls, plates, cups, and more. With pockets to keep you organized and two different convenient carrying handles you’ll comfortably carry all you need for a group meal. 

Hydro Flask Serving Spoons

Hydro Flask Serving Spoons

A nice set of serving spoons to serve up all that goodness you have prepared. One solid and one slotted. These spoons are durable and easy to clean even dishwasher safe so they are ready for an exclusively camp kitchen setup, or for use every day around the house.

Hydro Flask Flatware Set

Hydro Flask Flatware Set

These nicely packed silverware are the perfect camp companions. Stainless steel construction is fit for any kitchen, camp, or otherwise and the convenience of the carrying pouch makes traveling easy and organized. From home to office to camp this set will go anywhere you want. 

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