Active Essentials: Travel Strong, Recover Fast

June 22, 2015

by Peter Reese
Active Essentials: Travel Strong, Recover Fast

Active Essentials: Candied Ginger Means Sweet Relief

Sounds wild but yet ginger is part of the same plant family as cardamom and turmeric.  With unclear origins, this plant only grows when cultivated; India is among the largest producers.  The candied version dates back centuries.

Prince of Peace® 100% Natural Ginger Candy Our Experience: Health claims center on gastrointestinal relief.  Active Junky’s come to the rescue of tummy-troubled travelers in Ireland, Chile and Honduras, serving up three to four small nuggets of the candied form (a result of crystallized sugar syrup).  Eating it raw is not convenient when traveling; look for organic options in any case.

Others Who Agree: A 2005 study in “Obstetrics and Gynecology” found ginger stepped in to minimize nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (a great test, we think).  A Thai medical journal tagged it in 2007 as comparable in motion sickness relief to Dramamine.

Our Recommendation: Purchase 4-6oz and give it a try unless the sugar is a problem.  Keep stored in a zip-closure bag out of sunlight and high temps that dry it to a less-desirable state.  Learn more about living healthy, well and energized by clicking here (AJ MEMBERSHIP MODAL LINK)

Active Essentials:  Honey To Heal

Ah, sweet nectar that’s been romanticized back to Egyptian times.  Despite recent setbacks in the U.S. bee population, the goodness still flows in a stunning array of forms and flavors; honey takes on the distinctive character of an area’s plants.

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels - 24-Pack Starting at: $24.89 Our Experience: Beyond being an energizing alternative sweetener in beverages and foods, honey sticks it to bacteria when applied to minor cuts and burns.  AJ’s used it while hiking and traveling on arms, legs and feet.  Recent eating of Manuka Honey cut recovery time from an upper bronchial infection.

Others Who Agree: Norwegian studies affirm the topical healing properties.  WebMD posts instructions for employing honey on wounds.   Surface application has been known to help ulcers heal.  Eating honey delivers energy at a documented 17g of carbs per tablespoon.

Our Recommendation: Learn more about honey and its dietary implications.  Carry a small packet on an upcoming trip in case of minor cuts or abrasions.  Make your sweet life even sweeter in 2015.

Active Essentials:  Aloe From The Source

Unless you inhabit the Amazon Basin, many of the world’s medicinal plants remain out of reach in their natural form.  Active Junky’s enthused about employing ancient knowledge and living plants to make life healthier.

All Terrain Aloe Gel Our Experience: Snipping off an aloe leaf at the base and wiping the cut end on sunburn feel righteous.  Active Junky staff and family members continue to use it on stove burns and minor cuts as well as rashes.  A sweet looking plant inhabiting arid regions, aloe is an obvious choice for an Essential; 100% pure aloe vera gel substitutes nicely at home or while traveling.

Others Who Agree: PREVENTION Magazine’s grown to love the plant, featuring 10 uses that include naturally removing make-up.  MindBodyGreen cites the over 75 nutrients in the Egyptian “immortality plant” as beneficial.  Few natural healing or mainstream medical sources argue against it. 

Our Recommendation: Start experimenting with the plant, purchasing a small potted aloe from a local nursery for under $10.  Buy and use a high-quality lotion for more portable use this spring and summer.


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