Manduka Yoga Gear Review: Luxurious Mat, Bag and Towel

March 24, 2015

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  • Drew Zieff

Chances are, if you can rattle off yoga poses in Sanskrit or complete a vinyasa flow solo, you recognize Manduka’s influence on practitioners. They’re posed at the high-end of the spectrum, ready with products for teachers and novices alike. Active Junky recruited a seasoned yoga teacher to answer a less-than-cosmic question: does Manduka quality merit the cost?

The Black Mat Pro: Witness the Thickness

Manduka pro black mat12 Manduka Black Mat PRO Yoga Mat

Cheaper mats wear thin compared to the Pro Mat’s grippy cushiness. At 7lbs (standard size), the 6mm Pro is not travel-friendly but revolutionizes the practice of any studio user. The mat transforms wood floors into padded platforms for personal growth and self-exploration. “I’ve been using the mat non-stop for a few months,” said our yoga teacher and tester. “And it still looks brand new. It’s high quality. Very durable, thick and supportive.” 

Best For: Extra cushioning, taking your practice to the next level

Daytripper Yoga Mat Bag: On-the-go Protection

Manduka the daytripper 1 Daytripper Yoga Mat Bag

Make Black Pro portable with the Daytripper bag. An intuitive, drawstring opening is secure to prevent the mat escaping as you maneuver along city sidewalks. Even though the Daytripper can handle bigger mats, it locks down smaller mats without excessive slosh when slung over your shoulder. Our tester appreciated the feel of the grainy fabric, recognizing that the coarse style added durability. Two external pockets contain all of your necessities to make Daytripper all that’s required for yoga class. That, along with a meditative mindset. 

Best For: Transporting the Black Mat Pro or other large mats

eQua Mat Towel: A Necessary Accessory

Manduka equa 01 Manduka eQua Mat Towel

Though Black Mat Pro handles sweat and slick, hot yoga classes and level 3 flow classes left our tester wanting more grip. Enter the eQua, an absorbent and affordable yoga towel. Throw it over the Pro for increased grip, use it in conjunction with questionable studio-owned mats or dry your sweaty self off mid- or post-flow. “A must-have accessory,” our tester mused, “ especially when you pair it with the Pro.”

Best For: Hot yoga classes, the fearless and sweaty

After a full three months of testing, the verdict is in: Manduka’s gear isn’t cheap for good reason(s). If your practice matters, purchasing a Manduka mat, towel and bag is a worthy investment in your mental and physical well-being.  

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