Under Armour 2017 Mountain Running Series: Copper Mountain, CO

September 15, 2017

by Melanie Ott
Under Armour 2017 Mountain Running Series: Copper Mountain, CO

Gathering at Copper Mountain resort in Colorado surrounded by 12,000-foot peaks and the beginning colorful hints of changing autumn leaves, racers lined up for the final event in the 2017 Under Armour Mountain Running Series. After successful events at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon then Killington, Vermont, the third and final event began Saturday morning with a 50K.

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

Trail runners tackling the 50K, and looking for ultimate punishment on the mountains surrounding Copper Mountain, experienced over 7,300 feet elevation gain maxing at 12,030. But that wasn’t the only race on the trails. Under Armour planned a breadth of race lengths for all ages. And even one dog crossed the finish line leading his human.

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

Participants chose from the 50K, a marathon, marathon relay, half marathon, 10K, 5K or the vertical challenge with slopes up to 68 degrees. No matter the distance, runners experienced challenging, steep terrain at no less than 9,700 feet elevation, which in itself is taxing on the lungs. Up hills, through trees, along ridges with spectacular views—it was a beautiful weekend for runners pushing themselves and spectators cheering them on.

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

After the races were complete, winners were presented with awards, and participants enjoyed a well-deserved beer and relaxation in the crisp mountain air. The third and final event in the Under Armour 2017 Mountain Running Series was also a success. This is the first year for this UA event, but there’s already talk of 2018. We hope to see Under Armour and trail running junkies alike at Copper Mountain next year.

Check out the winners of each race below, and go to Under Armour’s Mountain Running Series website to see more about the three events and to keep an eye on what’s being planned for 2018.

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

50K Winners

Course: 31 miles; 7,346’ elevation gain; 12,030’ max elevation

Male Winners     Female Winners    
 First  Mario Mendoza  4:20:13  First  Taylor Nowlin  5:05:12
 Second  Ryan Phebus   4:26:51  Second  Brandy Erholtz  5:26:31
 Third  Brett Hales  4:30:06  Third  Margaret Lane  6:06:22

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

Marathon Winners

Course: 26.2 miles; 6,478’ elevation gain; 12,045’ max elevation

Male Winners     Female Winners    
 First  Phillip Whiting   5:12:01  First  Ewelina Pena  6:22:11
 Second  Clint Brown  5:35:18  Second  Maria Walberg  7:43:20
 Third  Russell Hill  6:05:15  Third  Francesca Tronchin   8:13:03

Half Marathon Winners

Course: 13.1 miles; 3,239’ elevation gain; 12,045’ max elevation

Male Winners     Female Winners    
 First  Gavin Coombs   1:47:12  First  Abby Levene   2:04:31
 Second  Matt Tomasko  1:59:27  Second  Holly Kelleher   2:08:50
 Third  Brian Johnson  2:03:39  Third  Jill Sorensen  2:14:09

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

Vertical Challenge Winners

Course: 0.77 miles; 819’ elevation gain; 11,886’ max elevation

Male Winners     Female Winners    
 First  Bryan Kerl   13:26  First  Lanie Szuch  14:24
 Second  Matt Tomasko  14:03  Second  Jessica Cygan  18:14
 Third  Ben Corwin  14:40  Third  Alexandra Jacobson  20:58

10K Winners

Course: 6.2 miles; 1,757’ elevation gain; 10,786’ max elevation

Male Winners     Female Winners    
 First  Troy Triplett  47:30  First  Tracie Rupert  1:05:09
 Second  Sam Benecke  53:30  Second  Jade Eaton  1:06:17
 Third  Andrew Kamei  56:10  Third  Jennifer Arbuckle  1:07:22

Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

5K Winners

Course: 3.1 miles; 983’ elevation gain; 10,256’ max elevation

Male Winners     Female Winners    
 First  Calvin Cofield  26:46  First  Rebecca Greenwall  32:26
 Second  Joe Van Bolderen  30:20  Second  Shelby Barrett  36:45
 Third  Beau Demmler  32:03  Third  Laine Swierkosz  40:54

All photos courtesy of Myke Hermsmeyer


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