Why You Should Shop at The Feed

November 16, 2015

  • by
  • Drew Zieff

Over the past year, the Active Junky team has been won over by The Feed’s approach to customized nutrition. The site has completely revolutionized the way we refuel, all while introducing us to nutritious snacks that we didn’t even know existed.

Why The Feed? 

When shopping for nutrition, buying in bulk can force you to:

  1. Spend way, way too much money to get the variety of products you want. 
  2. Stick to your guns. Who wants to try something new and be stuck with an entire box of cardboard-flavored energy bars?

Instead, The Feed allows you to mix and match from their enormous variety of snacks and supplements. With a couple of easy clicks, you build your own nutrition box: include a few old favorites, a couple new flavors you’ve been meaning to try and hey, while you’re at it, why not a wacky waffle or a jerky that sounds oddly delicious? 

The scope and quality of products available on The Feed is nothing short of amazing. A crew of nutrition experts and scientists select the snacks that make the cut. You can even shop for pre-organized nutrition boxes that are picked out by professional athletes or designed with a sport like skiing or cycling in mind. 

Why Now?

There’s no better time to order your first box from The Feed. First of all, Active Junky members get exclusive 12% cash back on all purchases—that’s a free Justin’s Nut Butter for every $10 you spend! Also, they’ve got a giveaway happening until the 18th of November to get fully kitted out by Dynafit, Zeal Optics, Osprey, Liftopia and more. 

Even if you don’t win the grand prize, The Feed’s got a present for you: send a Feed Box as a gift this holiday season and automatically get $10 credited to your own account.

If you’re looking to get a bit more familiar with The Feed, here are a few of our favorite boxes available on the site right now: 

Sonya Looney’s Box: $25.45 

An endurance mountain biker, Sonya Looney’s box includes GU Chomps, Gels and Drink Mix as well as Justin’s Nut Butter, Taos Mountain Energy Bars and MTBer favorite, the Almond Lemon Hot Date Rodeo Trail Nugget.

Chris Davenport’s Box: $13.84

This is basically a smorgasbord of Clif Bar products, all of which taste delicious, especially when sending Colorado 14ers like Dav. From the crowd favorite Shot Bloks to the trail-tested Electrolyte Mix and the delicious Chocolate Recovery Mix, the Dav Box is packed with snacks and supplements ready for winter. 

Backpacker Box: $65.67

Shopping for a backpacking trip can be tough. How much grub should I bring? Will I get tired of PB&Js? Will I want to cook after 12 miles on the trail? Backpacker and The Feed answer these questions and more with a calorie-packed 3-Day Backpacker Box that includes dehydrated dinners from Good To-Go, as well as plenty of trail snacks like Kind Bars, All Good Trail Mix and Krave’s infamous Beef Jerky.

Note: You can easily add and subtract to these boxes. Double up on trail mix, scratch the hydration supplements—it’s up to you. And that’s part of the fun.

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