Watch Now: The Birders Film

March 1, 2019

by Tommy Joyce
Watch Now: The Birders Film

The Birders. The film, directed by Gregg Bleakney, takes viewers through one of the most diverse bird regions in the world to capture new and rare birds that have never been photographed before. The Birders also takes people through the Colombian landscape, highlighting several of its’ top locations, culture, birds and music. 

Right now, the film is available here: The Birders

The film is an absolute visual masterpiece. The storytelling will keep you hooked throughout, and the vast knowledge of the guides will amaze you as you learn about the dozens of rare birds unique to the part of the world. We highly recommend watching it!

Are you interested in a free trip to Colombia?? The sponsors behind this film are launching a FREE trip contest until March 29th. Now is your chance to visit Colombia yourself!

The Birders, a feature documentary on Colombian bird diversity

“This was a truly an eye opening experience” – Keith Ladzinski, National Geographic photographer/filmer

(SEATTLE & COLOMBIA – Feb.4th , 2019) — THE BIRDERS | A melodic journey through Northern Colombia, presented by ProColombia, with support of FONTUR and directed by Gregg Bleakney. The film highlights Colombian local birdwatching guide, Diego Calderon-Franco and National Geographic photographer Keith Ladzinski, as they explore over 100 species of birds through the Colombian countryside.

The film takes viewers through one of the most diverse bird regions in the world to capture new and rare birds that have never been photographed before. The Birders, also takes people through the Colombian landscape, highlighting several of its’ top locations, culture, birds and music. As well as; Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, in the Guajira Peninsula. El Dorado Bird Reserve, in the Santa Marta Mountains. Minca and surroundings, in the Santa Marta Mountains. Tayrona National Natural Park and El Chamicero del Perija Bird Reserve, in the Perija Mountains.

The Birders aims to change the perception of Colombia through the diversity of birds who live there. “Birding in Colombia is a real adventure. These guys and biologists are always finding new things”, says director Gregg Bleakney. Diego Calderón agrees, “Being a bird guide in Colombia is absolutely crazy, we are basically living the Victorian times of exploration. You can choose a remote corner of the country and almost for sure you are going to find surprises: new species, new subspecies, new range extensions. Colombia is a box of surprises!”

Along with the unique birds and exquisite landscape, The Birders incorporates an original score from local musicians inspired by the bird songs found in the film.

Mucho Indio - Teto Ocampo Teto Ocampo has spent the past 10 years learning to play the Arhuaco people’s ancestral songs. Though his band, Mucho Indio, Teto takes listeners on a cosmic journey through space and time by translating Colombia’s most ancestral melody, the song of the hummingbird, to a modern format. He composed the melody with a rare charu flute, an instrument that only a handful of people on planet have the knowledge to play. Song name: Kumuchikayu

Sidestepper English musician Richard Blair is most well known as the founding member of Sidestepper, a pioneering Colombian band that has paved the way for a modern generation of Colombian artists who have successfully gone global through mixing local and foreign musical concepts. Richard’s meditative song was inspired by “mixed migrant flocks", a phenomenon where foreign birds migrate to Colombia’s Caribbean region to live, travel and sing with local groups of birds. Song name: To Close Your Eyes

Ghetto Kumbé Together with the team of the documentary, Edgardo Garcés travelled to his birthplace of La Guajira to record the song of the Vermilion Cardinal. Edgardo tattooed the bird on his arm to ground himself after the death of his parents. He had never seen the bird in the wild before. The story of this eye-catching bird’s connection to indigenous Wayúu culture is the inspiration for this modern Afro-Colombian electronic song. Song name: Soy Guajira

Frente Cumbiero Using Colombian Cumbia as its base, Mario Galeano and his band Frente Cumbiero composed a modern take on the classic USA surf songs of the 1960s, but with a birder’s soul. The song draws inspiration from the endemic Santa Marta Parakeet. These social birds live in flocks on a massive ridgeline overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Magdalena River Valley, the birthplace of Cumbia music. Song name: Parakeet Ridge

El Leopardo With his band El Leopardo, Daniel Broderick (aka Dani Boom) composed a thumping electronic club song that mirrors the Manakin bird’s slow build-up to a frenetic courtship display. The mechanical clapping sound of the White-bearded Manakin’s wings, recorded by the documentary team in Tayrona National Park, is the foundation of Dani’s composition. The courtship call of the Lance-tailed Manakin provided a secondary melody. Song name: Manakin Boom

In collaboration with eBird, the film has launched a contest that asks viewers of the film to name the 5 bird species that caught their eye. A winner will be chosen at random and will win a trip with roundtrip airfare from the continental US to Colombia and 3 nights and 4 days at El Dorado lodge in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The film can be seen here, The Birders.

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