Baja Sur: Exotic Within Reach

April 4, 2016

by Peter Reese
Baja Sur: Exotic Within Reach

Technically, this region is called “Baja California Sur” and is the smallest of 31 Mexican states by population.  Based upon Active Junky’s recent sea kayaking and whale watching exploits in cooperation with ROW Adventures, what’s down here tops the list for an accessible multisport trip.

Punctuated by simple, sea-sourced regional food and natural surroundings of extreme contrasts, Baja California connects to the north and water flanks the state on both sides.  While surfing and deep sea fishing above the 38th parallel get lots of press, the tourist city of Cabo San Lucas draws sun-seeking Americans and Canadians during winter months. 

Active Junky made the jump from Denver through Los Angeles straight into the base for serene surroundings as well as heart-pumping travel above – and below – unsullied waters both of Magdalena Bay and the Sea of Cortez.  Loreto, population 15,000, draws purists looking to escape the onslaught of gift shops in favor of stark peaks and deep waters.

Based upon our on-site experience and continuing research, the convergence of seven factors makes Baja Sur a surprisingly rich (and mostly under-visited) destination even for the well-traveled.

Factor #1 = ACCESS. 

Once on the ground at Loreto’s modern airport, the town is only a few miles away – and world-ranked wildlife environments are within a three-hour radius to both east and west.


While slightly more expensive that some rural Mexican regions, Baja Sur presents an array of lodging and meal options such that staying a few extra days is a practical reality.

Factor #3 = HOSPITALITY. 

Enough exposure to foreign guests makes the residents and businesses sensitive to providing a safer, simpler scenario that rewards their commitment to friendly service.


Most destinations connect sporadically with a single type of whale for limited periods of time during migration.  As both mating and birthing waters for grey (Pacific side) and blue (Sea of Cortez) whales, the probability of repeated – and close – encounters is multiplied.


The Sea of Cortez is home to over 900 species of fish, 2,000 or more marine invertebrates. Plus birds, marine mammals including sea lions and even phosphorescent plankton.  Snorkeling puts a plethora of startling underwater moments within easy reach.


Sponsored paddlers keep quiet about all the options along the coast and islands of the state.  The ability to paddle and camp nearly anywhere means freedom, whether pushing hard or cruising casually.


And more fish tacos.  With broiled, wood fired, blackened and breaded variations in abundance, there’s no better place to fill a tortilla with responsibly-sourced white fish, shrimp or shellfish.  Cold cerveza is, without question, the ultimate pairing.

Read on.  Breeze through the videos Active Junky’s curated and created. Sample the photos we brought back.  Dig in on ROW Adventures website for trips to Baja and well beyond.

The exotic is within reach.  Minus the jet lag.

Images via ROW Adventures


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