The Best Gifts Under $25

September 20, 2017

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From simple yet practical stocking stuffers to making their backcountry trip just a bit more glam, check out our list of best gifts under (or around) $25.

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Best Gifts Under $25

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Brands Included

 Balega  Hydro Flask  LifeStraw
 Black Diamond  Icebreakers  prAna
 Fix It Sticks  Jawbone  Stanley
 FuelBelt  Korkers  Timber!

Hydro Flask 16 oz. Wide Mouth

Hydro flask 16 oz wide mouth main Hydro Flask 16 oz. Wide Mouth Starting at: $21.96

Does your coffee-loving giftee need a rugged coffee mug for their dawn patrol missions? This is the mug. The TempShieldM double walled vacuum insulation that keeps your water cold for 24 hours will also keep their favorite warm beverage hot for six. Testers appreciated this technology after returning from a long, cold dawn patrol ski tour to find their coffee still warm, truly a revitalizing treat. The powder coated exterior ensures your cold hands grip well, but the durable 18/8 Pro Grade Stainless Steel construction can withstand more than a few drops.

Best for: Keeping your coffee at the right temperature during early morning adventures or long commutes to the office

Stanley Classic Insulated Bottle 25oz

Stanley classic insulated bottle main Stanley Classic Insulated Bottle 25oz $19.56 - $23.74

Stanley turns their heat-locking legacy into a useful 25oz. container that accounts for the realities of travel. The capacity is ideal for serious coffee and tea consumption without cumbersome exterior dimensions that limit use, fitting into most vehicle holders and pack sleeves. Insulation goes to work in a leak-proof container rated for 20 hours hot or 100 hours cold. Appearance-wise, there’s no stopping Stanley from credibility crafted for decades of hard use. And on the value side, this fits the practical purchaser who wants to put their energy into life rather than rethinking their coffee stowage every few months.

Best for: Hot drinks for hours while four-season camping or after a long day on the mountain

Stanley Adventure Shot Glass Set

Stanley shot glasses Stanley Adventure Shot Glass Set $12.57 - $13.13

Unbreakable stainless steel beats out glass on any adventure, especially on backpacking or river trips. This compact set of shot glasses is durable; throw it in your backpack, into your checked bag—heck, throw it against a rock. Celebrations back at basecamp, toasts at the top of mountains and everything in between are within reach with these stainless-steel shot glasses. The set includes four 2oz shot glasses and carrying case with lid loop to clip onto your bag on the go.

Best for: Celebrations at basecamp, toasts at the top of mountains and everything in between

Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask

Stanley flask Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask $9.42 - $9.84

If you opt to gift the Stanley shot glasses set, your recipient will definitely need something to carry their favorite spirits as well. Enter the Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask. Forged from a durable, recycle plastic, the flip-open lid makes for easy pouring, and the screw top allows quick sipping on the summit or trail. Weighing just over 5oz and volume capacity of 7oz, this compact little flask offers refreshment on the go for celebratory shots or pulls.

Best for: Taking on adventures when cheers are in order after a hike or around the fire

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

Black diamond apollo lantern main Black Diamond Apollo Lantern Starting at: $26.18

The Black Diamond Apollo Lantern turns a proven design platform into ready lighting for situations from solo traveling to groups settings. Lighting levels are easily adjusted with the thumb switch, which stays locked in when turned off and back on again. Powered by four AA batteries in a removable module (with clear battery direction indicators – well done), the 11oz. Apollo Lantern continues the Black Diamond tradition of convertible LED camp lanterns. Testers were impressed with the click-to-lock bottom battery access that takes only a single turn (or less) to open and is made more weather-resistant with an integrated gasket.

Best for: All-weather group camping (even backpacking when individuals have small headlamps), international adventure travel

FuelBelt Enduro Fuel

Fuelbeltendure FuelBelt Enduro Fuel $17.10 - $19.20

FuelBelt’s largest volume handheld, the Enduro Fuel holds 16oz in its BPA-free plastic water bottle, which is top-shelf dishwasher safe. The silicone cap comes with a burst valve, so you don’t have to stop or use your teeth to get a drink—just squeeze, though this is important to keep in mind if you’ll be putting the full bottle in a bag. The insulated sleeve keeps water cool on hot days pounding the pavement, and the adjustable hand strap tightens or loosens for varying hand sizes. Water-resistant dual zippered pockets can accommodate keys, cash, ID or credit card, and reflective accents help increase your visibility.

Best for: Road or trail running when all you need is a small amount of water and a couple small items

Balega Ultralight No Show Socks – Unisex

Balegaultralight Balega Ultralight No Show Socks – Unisex Starting at: $12.09

While socks can easily be overlooked when considering proper running gear, they can make a world of difference in performance and comfort. Balega Ultralight No Shows are high-performance running socks with strategically placed support and comfort. Reinforced cushioned heel and toe absorbs shock in foot striking areas, elastic in the arch provides support, and mesh panels help keep your foot ventilated and cool. And this is just a few thoughtful features. For those concerned with how some no-show socks slip, Balega has you covered with thick heel tabs that keep your sock in place. Available in a variety of colors and unisex sizes S to XL.

Best for: Running in varying conditions while keeping your feet comfortable and supported from heel to toe

prAna Yoga Wonderblock

Prana yoga wonderblock main prAna Yoga Wonderblock $19.58 - $20.86

Whether getting back into yoga after an extended hiatus or working with physical restrictions, the prAna Wonderblock makes more positions possible. And compensates for injury and arthritis to keep practitioners moving through the entire class. EVA foam grips the floor well on extended, off-mat positions for confidence-building security. Active Junky first tried this yoga block on a retreat in the mountains of Utah. As an easy-washing option to other products, Wonderblock’s smooth domed top and utility in every configuration make it a winning gift option for your favorite yogi.

Best for: All yoga practitioners from beginners to instructors

Jawbone Up Move

Jawboneupmove Jawbone Up Move $9.90 - $13.58

The Jawbone Up Move is a small wearable pedometer that you can clip on clothing or wear around your wrist, and its small design is durable and water resistant to protect against splashes and sweat. It was one of the most accurate in our steps testing and performed well when tracking distance. Saving data for up to nine months, and with a 6-month battery, the device needs little maintenance. Though it does not have a display screen, lights illuminate on the face to indicate Active and Sleep modes as well as daily progress.

Best for: Basic steps tracking with a simple and cost-effective pedometer

Korkers Ice Cleats

Original icecleat oa8000 btm Korkers Ice Cleats $21.50 - $23.25

In many product categories, “one size fits most” frequently means nobody can really make them work. Not true here as Korkers' Ice Cleats performed well on multiple boot and shoe styles and sizes because of sure-hold length adjustability on the heel. Studs were toothy and competent at a walking pace – these are not high-performance running cleats. With surprisingly high downhill traction, these ice cleats are a perfect gift for all users, including those who only get hit with periodic ice and snow.

Best for: Working, walking, and travel especially around icy winter towns and skating-rink-like parking lots

LifeStraw Water Filter

Lifestraw water filter 1 2 Lifestraw Water Filter

Few products have more universal, international application than this proven essential from LifeStraw. A great backup or primary water purifier for hikes if you have reliable water sources along the way. A single straw can filter up to 264 gallons, or 1,000 liters, and at only 2oz., the LifeStraw can sooth your back and give you peace of mind. You might want to plug your nose as you sip from some of the pools in the desert, but at least your GI tract with stay intact.

Best for: Quick drinks from suitable water sources while on the trail or in the backcountry

Timber! Mountain Bike Bell

Timber mtb bell main Timber! Mountain Bike Bell $20.32 - $21.34

Active Junky loves the subdued look and easy bike attachment with Timber! The variable ringing level, with lock-out feature, allows every cyclist to find their acoustic path. Let it ride and keep ringing or clamp it down so it takes a quick smack to activate. A standout feature is motion-sensor activation to alert others on shared trails even if you don't see them first. Requiring no batteries but carrying energy of its own, this one stays ahead of the pack. Solid brass makes this bike bell one for the ages that weekend hybrid riders may well adapt.

Best for: Riding single-track, getting to and from the trail more safely

Fix It Sticks Original Tool

Fix it sticks original main Fix It Sticks Original Tool $26.19 - $26.73

Few tools earn their weight and place in the seat bag or jersey pocket like Fix It Sticks. Not only are the bits locked to rock, the anodized aluminum crossbars connect to deliver torque. Active Junky loves the gloves-or-not handling of the t-shaped tool that lands at a mere 55 grams. Six, two-stick configurations fit any road-configured models along with a mountain-focused setup with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Hex and Torx 25 drivers. Bronze-orange bodies and bright bits are easy to find even deep in a bag. While the product’s been out for a few years, the timeless utility of Fix It Sticks is impossible to ride by. So don’t let it.

Best for: High-mileage road, mountain and cross riders looking for compact and lightweight tools

Icebreaker Unisex Quantum Glove

Icebreaker quantum gloves Icebreaker Quantum Glove Starting at: $23.75

Made from nature’s wonder fiber, these merino gloves feature just a hint of lycra to keep them from getting saggy after a couple uses. Wear them alone or under a bigger mitt; they’ll keep your hands warm even if they get wet as Merino wool naturally wicks away moisture as well as being naturally stink-resistant. Rubber grips on the palms mean you’ll still be able to open the door to get outside, regardless of how chilly it gets, and touchscreen capable means you won’t have sacrifice comfort for functionality.

Best for: Keeping warm and dry in casual or technical use, especially when paired with mittens

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